MTM Wrap (15/4/23)

It has been a very quiet week in the fan film world but we get those from time to time.

We will take a look at how the fan film releases from the last month are going, five fantastic fan films for you to check out.

Fallen Heroes – 27k views|
Before the Terror – 3.9k views
359 – 3.8k views
Exiled from Eternity – 1.9k views
Amazons – 631 views

Trekzone covered the winners of the 2022 Director’s Choice Awards that were recently held, I don’t know who has won what award as I don’t feel influenced by the choices though there is a five-month difference in eligibility, so the chances are pretty low that we’ll be singing from the same song sheet.

This week has been spent working on the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, sometimes the pressure to do it perfectly does get to me, last year we quietly snuck up on the fan film community but this year everybody knows we’re coming bearing gifts.

A reminder that on the sixteenth is the one-month countdown until fan film eligibility closes, that’s May 16 that everything closes, and then the nomination period gets under way, fan film creators will be asked if they accept nomination and if they do that’s good and if they don’t then another fan film gets their opportunity.

It is pleasing to report that there have been enough gag reels released in the last twelve months to make a category this year, it did not look likely that we had enough at first, but some fan films stuck their gag reels at the end of their fan film, so we now have enough to proceed, remember you got to May 16 to make a gag reel to for us to consider.

There’s currently a total of thirteen actors and actresses to consider for Best Re-imagined Character, from Captain Harry Kim in Borg Hunters to Michael Burnham in When Duty Calls.

I saw a video title on YouTube reading “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Show Announced! This Is Not What Real Star Trek Fans Asked For!

Firstly, a Star Trek fan is a Star Trek fan no matter if you like one series, some series or all of them, one movie, some movies or all of them, there’s no such thing as a real Star Trek fan.

Secondly, we don’t know what the show will have, it could be Star Trek’s version of The O.C. or it could be a show in tone with The Next Generation, characters always learning something at the end of a situation.

If you’re going to hate something before it is out of the gate, then it will be awfully hard to change your mind if you see it because you’ve pre-sold the show as something you won’t like.

We’re down to one episode of Picard, “Vox” was an enthralling episode though it did get spoiled for me, I like to watch Picard on Friday night (Australian time) but Twitter and Facebook users will tell you everything an episode has in it, you don’t even have to look for a group or a page as Facebook splashes them around on your feed and if you use YouTube spoilers come up in recommended.

It is going to be one interesting finale and I hope the number of minutes the final runs for is enough for Picard to end on the best possible note.|

That’s the news and views of this week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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