MTM Wrap (22/4/23)

April 21, 2023

We’re speeding through April and the Star Trek news keeps on coming, which is great for everybody, here is the latest.

Farragut Forward has shown off their Klingons, viewers will see just how much effort has gone into making the Klingons (and the Klingon sets) look so good on screen and as a bonus you’ll even see a dancing Klingon.

FSFilm have announced that “The Day Federation Stood Still” is their upcoming fan film and will be released on Sunday April 30 at 7am AEST so that will be April 29 for most parts of the world, use the above link to make sure that YouTube alerts you to its release.

There are 78 days to go until the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, eligibility for fan films closes on May 16 and it is open to all fan films and their makers apart from those who don’t want us to have them.

We take a look at how well recently released fan films are going, there is a wide selection for fan film lovers and the generally curious to check out.

Marooned – 64 views
Amazons – 721 views
Exiled from Eternity – 2k views
359 – 4.1k views
Before the Terror – 5.6k views
Fallen Heroes – 28k views

Picard’s finale aired this week and to me it was a satisfying season, it entertained, we got to see many well-loved characters return, there was plenty of action, some great humour and perhaps the beginnings of a future Star Trek series.

There’s plenty to look forward to for the rest of this year, Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, Prodigy, the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, Fan film releases, news on Section 31 and Discovery and more, Sci-Fi fans have never had it so good.

That’s it for this week, another great week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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