MTM Wrap (6/5/23)

May 6, 2023

Welcome to the first MTM Wrap for May 2023, we got fan films to look at and time is running out for fan films to be considered for the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.

The Day the Federation Stood Still was released last Sunday and it was another high-quality production by FSFilm and makes great use of the Lower Decks uniform, the cast is small, but the story is big and that’s something that some people crave for, a good story that has little to no “pew pew”.

Final Voyages: USS Cernan was released in the last week, it is always good to see people having a go at making a fan film, so many of us have fan film ideas and never get to take a shot but the creator of this one has and has future ambitions too.

Sneaking through the last two weeks was the fan film “What if the Romulans Escaped the Balance of Terror” and if you want action then this fan film has it in spades as it is an all-out battle between the Romulans and Starfleet.

Eligibility for the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards closes in ten days’ time (May 16, 2023), the above three fan films are eligible for consideration and they join over forty fan films that are also going to be considered for awards.

Out for release later this month is the game Star Trek: Resurgence, Star Trek fans have been waiting so long for a good game and hopefully this game quenches the thirst of fans, fans still get a big kick out of playing modded versions of Bridge Commander.

That’s the news for this week, it may seem small but there is plenty out there.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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