MTM Wrap (29/4/23)

Welcome to the final MTM Wrap for the month of April, the year 2023 is going by at a rapid rate, feels like we just started the ride not ending the first third of it.

One of the most highly anticipated fan films of 2023 appears to be getting closer, it is Loreley’s second part, it is titled “Monster” and it looks good.

There’s action on the planet and in space and it will be interesting to see how this fan film ends, part one was beautifully done so this part should be just as good.

Tomorrow sees the premiere of “The Day the Federation Stood Still” by FSFilm and there’s even a Lower Decks uniform to be seen, look out for this one.

We take a look at how recent releases have been doing, the month has cycled for most of the fan films that we’ve recently covered so we only have two to have a look at this week.

Before the Terror – 7.3k views
Amazons – 804 views

Dreadnaught Dominion have made a movie and it is based on their memories of filming at Neutral Zone Studios, a place that has served people so well over the years from getting to visit the location to making fan films there.

Check out this video of the Phase II Enterprise, this is based on the original Phase II plan not the James Cawley made Phase II.

If you want to take a computerised (not VR) walk around the bridges of various starships, you can because the Roddenberry Archive and associates have made a web portal that allows it, all the Enterprise bridges that you’ve seen on TV or film are there and you can even look around the bridges that were planned for the movie Planet of The Titans and the Phase II show, it is seriously impressive.

Details about The Star Trek Fan Film Showrunner Awards were announced on the 25th, apparently it is “the next big award show devoted exclusively to fan films” with entries allowed until May 31 with the criteria being fan films released between January 1 2018 and December 31 2022.

Judging will take up August and the awards are on September 8 which sounds good for everybody.

Meanwhile the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards is 71 days away, the plan is that eligibility (making a Star Trek fan film between April 16 2022 and May 16 2023) closes on May 16, nominations are announced on June 10 and the awards show is on July 10.

Twenty-two fan films are currently considered for Best Producer(s) and around 30 are considered for Best Director, we go through every fan film credits to determine who goes where, if there’s no credit, there’s no entry for that particular category.

The good thing about preparing early is that Matt can check my work and make sure I didn’t miss a fan film, the earlier any mistake is caught, the more time we have to relax as it is promptly fixed.

What a big week it has been, that’s the way we like them.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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