Negotiations continue

June 14 2018

Trekzone’s negotiations to speak with one person connected with Axanar is officially still continuing.

The fact that negotiations are continuing is interesting considering that Trekzone isn’t high up the Christmas Card list when it comes to Axanar’s happiness.

But it seems that despite the recent digs on Fan Film Factor (just word search Trekzone, saves time) about Trekzone’s American interests and Trekzone using the word ‘coward’ in the comment section of Potemkin Pictures to describe the potential interviewee that maybe the two sides are trying to trust each other.

If it goes ahead it could be a great moment, sure it is not the coveted Alec Peters interview but it is a beginning that could lead to that coveted moment.

There is a lot at stake, the interviewed man cannot say something about Axanar that can’t be backed up and Trekzone has to stay on the unbiased side of the fence as some believe they and AxaMonitor are too close to each other.

Maybe the interview will be asking questions about the love of Axanar or will it be an interview stemmed by hours of deep, meticulous research that may throw the interviewed off balance, anything is possible.

At the end of the day, we could be looking at Star Trek fan production and fan production reporting version of the North Korea – United States of America talks, something most may not of thought possible.


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