Axanar resumes Captain’s Logs

June 15 2018

It appears that Captain’s Log has resumed publication on Axanar after stopping in late March.

Before resuming on June 11, the last Captain’s Log was written on March 28 and Axanar fans will be pleased to see that the last three have additional information on Axanar including a new tunic unveiled on the June 13 edition.

Two things that may grab attention is that Axanar is worked on part time and that Axanar needs to do more fundraising, many are wondering what happened to the stack of money that was raised during the ‘Prelude to Axanar’ phase.

On the other hand, fans will be interested in the June 11 edition because of the aim to film in 2019.

Below are the three links to the three recent Captain’s Log entries, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

June 11
June 12
June 13


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