Monitor Wrap (17/6/18)

June 17 2018

Things appear to be quiet at the moment though that may change shortly.

Trekzone/1701NEWS have added to their report on the Axanar bridge with new details on SphinxCon, the event that is making Axanar seemingly pick up the pace when it comes to bridge building.

Trekzone/1701NEWS seems skeptical that anything will happen at OWC Studios, time will tell if they are on the money on that one.

Axanar has released another Captain’s Log, this one talks about Treklanta as Axanar’s presence there caused a stir after being invited to attend and participate in panels.

Axanar Comics have added a couple of more pages of their story and Fan Film Factor gives a report on why fans got three pages instead of just the one as planned.

Axamonitor FB group users have been discussing the finer details of the Axanar story such as the wondering about the non appearance of Kirk, the construction of Enterprise and more.

There is one uncool moment and it is the creation of a video, it is two videos made into one, in the foreground video is Alec Peters and the background video is of a dog depositing its business on the floor and looking bad about it.

The above is really not cool and we wish really everyone would cut their behaviour it out and be civil to one another no matter who is right or wrong on Axanar.

That’s pretty much it for the moment.


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