Monitor Wrap (27/6/18)

June 27 2018

Fan Film Factor’s blog entry about the SphinxCon furor has 73 thoughts (comments) some of which are pretty lengthy and over 100 comments on Fan Film Forum.

Meanwhile there is a lot of talk about Alec Peters claim in ‘The REAL Truth About Axanar’ that Axanar will be 100x better than anything AxaMonitor founder Carlos Pedraza makes in his film career.

Such claims were not needed, especially when things were settling down after what happened regarding SphinxCon’s announcement of accepting Axacon.

This claim brought back memories in AxaMonitor’s FB group of a private conversation that was screen-capped in which Alec says that Carlos makes ‘under-age gay soft core porn‘.

For those who are curious about Carlos film experience, you can read all about it on his IMDb profile and you will see there are a couple of film selections to choose from.

Suggesting to people that somebody films scenes using anyone who is under-age is dangerous as it can damage the accused’s reputation until the accused is cleared by authorities if presented to them or the people around them and sometimes even if they are cleared, uncertainty can still hang around for quite some time.

It is lucky for Alec that his thoughts were in a private conversation and not in the public where defamation and slander could be used though now the comments are public anybody who parrots those words may not be so lucky.

This is a great reminder that everyone should really think about what they are saying about somebody even online because it will catch up to you.

Burn Axanar Burn‘ is the latest movie poster and while the movie posters are usually considered funny, this particular one is not as in the credits you can see ‘and the reanimated corpse of Richard Hatch’.

Richard Hatch should be given great respect even in death and should not be made a joke of.

Other jokes some may not like in the credits include ‘A Bunch of Miserable Axanar Gits’, ‘Jonathon ‘Slow’ Lane’, ‘Special Appearances Kicking Alec Peters In The Nuts By’, ‘Apologies to all Star Trek fans’,

The best jokes are ‘King Of The World JACK DAWSON’, ‘Going To Need A Bigger Boat MARTIN BRODY’, ‘Missed It By That Much MAXWELL SMART’, ‘Not In Kansas Anymore Dorothy Gale’ and ‘Here’s Looking At You Kid RICK BLAINE’.

Over in ‘The Real Truth About Axanar’, the definition of ‘Cyberstalking’ is a topic with members asked if anybody at AxaMonitor has ever read the definition.

Readers have also been getting an education on the various groups and sites thanks to posts on ‘Association fallacy‘ and ‘Whataboutism‘.

On the subject of education, words of the day are Alecolytes, Axa-Land, AxaNerds, Alec-favorable and Axanar Lite.

Axanar Lite really sounds like a food or a drink product rather than something that is on film, so does Alecolytes.

That’s pretty much it.


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