Fans tire of fighting

June 28 2018

Fans are starting to get really tired of the back and forth chatter that is happening on the issue of Axanar.

Fan Film Factor wrote up a report about an apology given to the head of SphinxCon, an apology that turned into legalities and then things soured quicker than Gordon Ramsay’s opinion of a restaurant after he eats their food and checks out their kitchen on Kitchen Nightmares.

After reading the report which included a detailed report on the legal battle CBS/Paramount and Axanar went through it was on to AxaMonitor to see what they thought and they thought quite a bit.

The question Fan Fan Factor asked was ‘CBS and Paramount no longer have a problem with any of this (the legal stuff), why do you?‘ and below is our take on what the replies were.

It doesn’t matter if Axanar really spent 1.2 or 1.7 million dollars out of the two numbers floating around, it appears many of those at AxaMonitor want the world to be aware that somebody can spend that 1.2 or 1.7 million dollars and have so little or nothing to show for it.

Others want it recognized that not one minute of the 30 minutes that Axanar have been given to make their film has been done since CBS decided to make their guidelines.

Some also think that any mistakes made during the production of Prelude to Axanar and the pre-production of Axanar have never been apologized for and that people who should of gotten credit never got the credit they deserve for what viewers saw.

Some want Alec Peters to just give up and move on from Axanar though whether people
will still follow him around remains to be seen.

Lastly some members have stated that they’d be happy if Axanar was done as promised.

Why are people sick of the back and forth?

Both sides of the argument think that they behave better than the other, the truth is neither of them do, they insult each other equally as bad.

AxaMonitor admins have said however that they’ve been lax and that they will improve on behaviour standards, whether that is just private talk or a genuine pledge remains to be seen.

So what if AxaMonitor’s 800 members behave themselves? will those on the Pro-Axanar side behave themselves too?

This one is hard to answer, it appears that they are prone to being sucked into fighting and when they don’t do it publicly, they do it privately and it ends up being public and the fun starts again.

When those working on Axanar get distracted they leave behind what they’re doing and engage the ‘haters’, a move that is ill advised and they should just focus on getting the job done and let their work do the talking.

But those hoping for quiet times may not get their wish, Alec Peters will have a blog entry on the SphinxCon drama written up soon as said on the June 25th edition of Captain’s Log.

The bottom line is that people are getting sick of the fighting, so much so that in Fan Film Forum the topic is being considering for being muted even if it is written up by the founder of the page!

So that is the latest, people are tired of it all.


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