It’s all in the numbers

June 30 2018

Not much is happening on the Axanar front at the moment.

The AxaMonitor group members have been going through Alec’s comments on Fan Film Factor with a fine-toothed comb meanwhile Fan Film Factor is taking a break from reporting about Axanar.

Debate continues on about the $1.2 million dollars that was spent on Prelude to Axanar and Axanar.

One of the popular topics was ‘salary’, did Alec pay himself for bringing Axanar to life out of the donor money or did he use his own money for expenses and was repaid the expense with the Axanar money dollar for dollar?

Another popular topic was the desire of comment makers to see the financial records for themselves, whilst the Axanar side insists that an offer to look through the records was rejected, the other side insists the offer was not rejected and that they are still waiting.

So there are at least three things that people have to consider

1. The money was spent to enrich Alec’s life
2. Alec was way over his head when it came to his plans and severely underestimated costs
3. The reluctance to show records will affect future plans for funding and standing with detractors, fans and potential fans.

Let’s just say number 1 was not the case though similar things have happened to people in the past, they donate for something and instead of what they hoped for they watch the people they donated to live comfortably instead.

We move on to number two and it can be understandable that somebody makes a meal of things when they push themselves into the big time (or bigger than usual time) and things go way off track causing large losses of money and material.

There should be no shame in saying that things got out of hand and that mistakes were made and there should be no shame in apologizing for making mistakes, they happen and people are usually forgiving if the mistakes were made trying for the best intentions.

It might be humiliating to show how bad things were in terms of trying to spend wisely but some people may understand and others may be happy they got to see all the cards on the table.

The reluctance to show the full records does not bolster the confidence or satisfy the quest for visible and proven facts by those who donated in the past nor will it make people feel confident to give money the next time around.

When the next $150,000 fundraiser comes up, people are going to ask what happened to the past $1.2 million dollars and there has to be a complete, honest answer.

The situation is kind of like Sideshow Bob stepping on all those rakes no matter where he he steps but unlike Sideshow Bob, the Axanar team have the power to clear their own path.

We’re now in the age where transparency is demanded instead of the blind faith people once had for new and exciting projects and this should not be forgotten.


18 thoughts on “It’s all in the numbers

  1. Quite a simplistic overview of the concerns held by those members of Axamonitor, but the biggest correction I wish to address with you is that Alec cannot crowdfund for Axanar Lite… he needs to seek private donations, hence why it is critical to keep the home fires burning and keep Alec honest about what he is now saying.

    Just because you keep repeating a lieC doesn’t make it true.


      1. He cannot actively seek donations, publically or privately. But he can receive them, all according to the settlement.


      2. We’ll just have to sit back and see how he gets $150,000 without saying he needs $150,000 despite everyone knowing he wants $150,000


      3. another interesting point is – why does he need $150,000?

        Aaron Vanderkley doesn’t. Gary O’Brien doesn’t. I didn’t.


      4. Bigger is better?
        Shops at the wrong hardware store?
        People billing high amounts for their service?
        Too focused on outside expenses?

        So many possibilities and we will probably never know why that amount and what for.


      5. Which is why Axamonitor shines a light on Axanar, people need to know what they’re donating to…


  2. Actually the settlement only forbids public crowd funding(Kickstarter/indigogo). There is nothing that says he can’t privately ask for donations. Donations which giving in private should also carry the effect of keeping the donors identities out of the public eye

    So basically even after Alec raises the money to make both films Axamonitor will not have access to the names or amounts unless someone leaks them and violates the privacy rights of the donors.

    Basically axamonitor ceased to matter the day the settlement was announced, the brain is dead, the body just won’t realize it yet.


    1. I think Axamonitor is more relevant now than ever. These private donors are going to be given a hard sales pitch by Alec, and lets face it – he’s good at that, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to raise $1.7m then spend it all on everything but the movie all the while claiming to be the victim.


      1. 1.2 million was raised from the big crowdfumding platforms. The other 500k came from merch sales, private donations, etc.

        That $1.7 million figure is based on the amount spent by Axanar Productions. If they SPENT $1.7 mil, they had to have raised that much. Alec claims to have donated up to $150k himself, but his bookkeeping is a bit dodgy, so if that figure is accurate, then at a minimum, 1.55k was raised from other sources.

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    2. You kinda right in one respect which is typical with the remaining few Axanar supporters. “Basically Axanar ceased to matter the day the settlement was announced” with Alec Peters crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter and Indiegogo) pulled out from under him Axanar was dead in the water, most intelligent people knew the fleecing operation known as Axanar was over! It’s one reason Alec Peters was turned loose so easy by the legal powers, the studio knew he was an incompetent idiot who pissed away whatever opportunity and financial backing that Axanar would ever have.
      Your phrase “The Brain is dead, the body just wont realize it yet” hits home only your target is way off —


  3. Yes it was 1.2 million…Carlos pedrazza keeps trying to revise the number upward to make it more palatable for the axamonitor crowd.


    1. Bit like how Alec revises the number upwards of how much he contributed?

      That started out at $25,000 and is now $150,000…


  4. The amount of money in question that had been raised and spent on not producing Axanar is all documented, and the various figures are all correct, depending on the frame you’re using. For example:

    • $1.2 million is the number raised purely via the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns for the Axanar feature.
    • $1.4 million is the amount raised when you add in:
    1. Proceeds from merchandise sales in Axanar’s “Donor Store,” totaling more than $81,000.
    2. The $113K raised in Prelude to Axanar’s Kickstarter campaign. Note, however, that the Prelude’s final cost was nearly $10,000 more than that. The deficit was made up for from the money raised in the Axanar Kickstarter that was *supposed* to go for producing the Axanar feature.
    • $1.7 million is the total amount spent on the Axanar Works (as they were officially referred to in court documents). The $300K difference, according to Alec Peters himself, came from other private and undisclosed donations.

    Folks like “An axanar supporter” would have you believe I made these figures up, to appeal to so-called detractors. Here are the sources of those figures, which you are welcome to check out yourself. I suspect “An axanar supporter” will instead try to malign my character and ignore actual documentation.

    The first two amounts come from a report prepared by Alec Peters’ own expert financial witness, certified public accountant Christian Tregillis. That report — published by the defense — disclosed Axanar had earned $1,428,902.43 from January 2014-October 2016. The same document showed Peters had spent $1,433,003.67 in that same period, incurring a $4,131.24 deficit — consistent with overspending previously documented by AxaMonitor’s analysis of Axanar’s 2015 financial report. You can view the summary from that financial report, including the exhibit’s docket number for you to confirm yourself, here:

    The source for the third figure — a total of $1.7 million spent on the Axanar Works — is Alec Peters himself. In his January 24, 2017, Donor Memo, Peters stated: “Please note that while the total expenses for the past 3 years totaled nearly $1.7 million, donations covered $1.4 million. The [nearly $300,000] difference was covered personally by me and through other funding sources who provided their support and have requested (and in one case required) anonymity as a condition of that support.” You can find a link to that donor memo on AxaMonitor. Curiously, you can no longer find that donor memo and its attached financial report on the Axanar Productions website itself. It quietly disappeared months ago amid reports the so-called independent review committee had never actually signed off on the report and at least one of them demanded it be removed from public view.

    Fortunately, other people downloaded the memo and report and posted them on other publicly accessible sites.

    So each of the figures you hear bandied about is accurate, but only so far as each goes. The $1.2m figure is *just* crowdfunded donations for Axanar; the $1.4m figure adds in the crowdfunded donations for Prelude plus proceeds from merch sales; the $1.7m is how much EVERYTHING Axanar-related cost, with an additional $300K donated from other private sources.


  5. No, based on the donor #’s I received directly from Alec Peters it was indeed 1.7 million. It’s in the second financial he released to donors.


  6. OK #1 the court documents clearly showed Alec paid for tires for his car gas for two years for himself and his gf, insurance, car maint. tens of thousands in meals and other travel and con expenses. That’s not people looking at him living comfortably and getting annoyed. Those are evidentiary FACTS presented in court which Peters and his lawyers did NOT dispute. They TRIED to mitigate it with the BS about him putting in first 25,000 and now 150,000 of his own money. You simply accept that as fact when it’s anything but and neither you nor he have present ANY evidence to the contrary. #2 If he so much as steps a single toe out of line with the terms of that settlement CBS is going to come down on him like the wrath of God. If you think their legal department isn’t keeping an eye on what he does then you don’t know corporate lawyers very well. #3 You sure make a LOT of excuses for his behavior and actions. A LOT of excuses. The simple fact is 1.7 million dollars is gone and there’s no Axanar. I sincerely doubt he’ll be able to raise another 150,000. No one besides the few sad hangers on believes his BS any longer. I doubt there will EVER be an Axanar two parter. It’s over. It’s been over for quite awhile. Peters is the very definition of a Flim Flam Man. I bet you even think he left LA because Atlanta is SUCH a better place to get a project made huh?


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