Our first polls

July 1 2018

For a bit of fun we have created three polls for readers to vote on.

The first question asks if the two Axanar parts will be completed.

The second question asks which Axanar group is the most immature, those who are for Axanar, those who are against Axanar or both groups are immature.

The third question asks whether all financial records related to Axanar should be released.

We asked the first to see what people really think of Axanar’s chances, the second because both sides claim the other is either childish or immature and we want to know what people think and the third because a lot of people talk about the finances that went into Prelude to Axanar and Axanar.

We’ll run the polls for two weeks and see what happens.


14 thoughts on “Our first polls

  1. 1- yes, I believe they will be released at some point.

    2- that is easy…..the detractors by a wide margin. None of the supporters have crank called anyone or harassed anyone or tried to get cons to stop having Alec as a guest.

    3- nope, it is actually no one’s business what the financial report shows. Heck star trek continues took in a boat load of money for the last 3 episodes, that never got made, no one asks “where that money went”.

    Now IF Alec chooses to release the report, it will be to donors for their view, and not to the general public


    1. Actually Jeff Craig made an international call to harass someone at work. Also everything Continues did/does financially is available due to the fact that they are a non-profit.


      1. “Didn’t somebody who didn’t like Axanar kept ringing somebody who did dozens of times in a day?”

        Mr. Tiggy, please don’t conflate dislike of Alec Peters with disliking Axanar. Alec doesn’t this all the time and it’s a verbal trap. Here’s a quote from Alec himself:

        “Some of you need to get a life. The fact that you chose to waste so much time attacking Axanar tells us a lot about you.”

        The thing is, no one is attacking Axanar. No one. Alec likes to equate dislike of him with dislike of Axanar because it paints us as unreasonable. Who didn’t like Prelude? It was cool! I donated to all three post-Prelude crowdfunding campaigns.

        I would love to see Axnaar made by the original creative team (or any moderately competent creative team) sans Peters. Peters has proven himself to be an unapologetic and untrustworthy steward of our money.

        The fact that we choose to waste so much time monitoring Alec Peters tells you a lot about him.


  2. Wasn’t denying the action of a single individual on the anti-Axanar side, was pointing out that the person commenting, intentionly or not overlooked the actions of someone on their side. In fact Jeff Craig has repeatedly issued implied threats, such as letting someone know that he knew where they lived and would be visiting that city soon.


  3. Okay, let’s compare…Jeff Craig makes 1 phone call, Gabriel Koerner makes around 500 with the express intent of scaring a mother and child of an axanar supporter….yep they are definitely the same…..

    Oh as to whether or not Jeff has made threats and knows where “someone lives”, Shawn is in possession of donor records illegally given to him by former prelude to Axanar employees and has threatened to share my information on multiple occasions…..yep but nothing about that…..right.


    1. Considering that all Gabe says in those calls as far as I am aware is Barney”s name you cannot claim he was trying to do anything to Barney’s wife and child. Also Gabe’s actions were soundly condemed by the anti-Alec Peters community, but no one on the other side ever condemns Jeff Craig’s actions or the photoshopping of Carlos’ head onto a range target. The records said person leaked were left in his possession and he never signed any sort of NDA. You would be hard pressed to prove illegality there.


    2. It’s “500 calls” now? Jeez that number changes about as often as “how much of his own money” he put into Axanar, lol.

      Listen, that moonshine swiggin tweaker hillbilly Barney had been posting everywhere he could as FACT that I had been “fired from FOX for hard drug use at work”.

      That’s a legit play at my career and he needed a little message to Knock That Off. That had nothing to do with his wife or son. Just him. AND HE WASN’T EVEN THREATENED.

      So on behalf of a television and motion professional with more on screen work than Alec Peters will ever have, I invite you cordially to drink a nice hot mug of Shut the Fuck Up.


      1. Gabe, regardless of who you “think you are” because of your Trek work, you are a true embarrassment to the people over at Axamonitor who simply try spread the truth about this debacle. I heard the tapes of your crank calls…amazingly stupid. You made your bed, now you have to deal with the aftermath. If you had done that to me, I would have felt threatened. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore.


  4. 1-Segments of Axanar could have already been released. Purportedly all the outer space VFX was done from the original script. Record some voiceover dialogue, or talking heads like Prelude, or reuse used and unused footage from Prelude, and the Vulcan Scene, and make SOMETHING. It’s been years now.
    2-There are no “detractors”, there are “donors who don’t like having been lied to and ripped off.” As for phone calls, it’s been a couple years since my work phone was called repeatedly for a few days by an Axanar supporter from Florida. I’m sure he was hanging up when it was answered, because he was just too nervous to say hello, sure.
    3-Attention “An Axanar Supporter” commenter. You’re making a defamatory statement about the people at Star Trek Continues, who completely delivered everything they promised donors, 100%. They had enough funding to make 11 hour-long episodes, with full VFX, with great sound, music, and script. Trying to distract the fact that for $1.7 million, Continues could have made a few more episodes (and did make ALL of their episodes during the same time Axanar has made 22 minutes) is clearly what makes you a “distractor”.


  5. Alec Peters is a liar and a cad. He has pissed the money away and despite his continued dishonesty and subterfuge there are still gullible and naive people who believe in him. The Pro-Axanar crowd refuse to accept reality.


  6. 1. No
    2. Both sides have done really shitty things
    3. Yes – When someone solicits donations, they should be accountable to their donors.


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