Monitor Wrap (3/7/18)

July 3 2018

Things are still largely quiet in the Axanar world, Fan Film Factor is still getting comments on SphinxCon and AxaMonitor’s FB group is running like clockwork, isn’t it amazing that people spent money on something called an ‘Air Umbrella’?

There is now 54 comments on the subject on FFF and some may be considered really interesting depending on what you personally believe.

AxaMonitor’s latest topics are on scam campaigns (like the Air Umbrella), parody movie posters and various topics even Alec Peters thoughts on immigration, a topic many felt had no place there.

About those parody posters, AxaMonitor says the FB group is not an organ of the website yet those posters have ‘’ on them which can tie what goes on the group with what goes on on the website so perhaps a change will be suggested.

There has not been as of yet any Captain’s Logs on Axanar’s website about the SphinxCon drama and that is the smartest idea because Axanar doesn’t need to say anything further on the matter and just get on with things.

But knowing our luck a few hours from now there will probably be one and the party begins again.

One confusing thing about the Captain’s Log is that the dates written aren’t the same as posted for example the June 24th log was published on June 27 and three of the last four came on the same day.

Votes are starting to come in on our polls, look to the right side of the screen on PC or below on mobile to see them.

So far 80% of voters believe Axanar will not be made, 80% believe that financial records should be made available and 60% think the Pro-Axanar group is the most immature of the groups.

We’ve had a couple of guests commenting the last couple of days with everyone getting a turn of stating their opinion on matters, remember anyone can write in but keep it civil at all times.

Two things to come from guests is that firstly the amount of money Axanar had is floating between 1.2 and 1.7 million dollars.

This financial record shows how much was spent, while it was $1.7 million all up, Prelude got $113,833, Axanar got 1.234 million and online donations accounted for an additional $84,357 with a further $263,544 spent for additional expenses.

So the number appears to float between the two figures because people either include Prelude when talking about Axanar or are not including Prelude to Axanar in their figure.

The second was about who was worst when it came to calling people, the answer is both sides were bad for calling people, doesn’t matter if it was 1 call or 500 calls, both were over the line and both sides should of done a Dukasis and have them booted out.

A Dukasis is when in 1988 two of Michael Dukasis’ staff leaked a tape to the press of Joe Biden giving a mostly copied yet usually credited speech to a gathering causing Biden’s campaign to sink and Dukasis asked his two staff members to resign as he did not like what they had done.

It doesn’t matter who they are or how important they are to a cause, a good team will always know they must act when a line has been crossed instead of letting people keep on keeping on.

So that’s a wrap of the latest, we’ll be back in a bit.


8 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (3/7/18)

  1. mate, have you seen any comments from Carlos float by? I’m just curious if he has responded directly to you..


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