Apologies to Carlos

July 3 2018

Apologies to AxaMonitor’s founder Carlos Pedraza for his comments not being published, they were automatically sent to the spam folder without a notification.

If Matt Miller didn’t ask us if we received any messages from Carlos they probably would of stayed in there until automatically deleted and definitely got a feeling that things would not have been really nice for here.

Everyone can comment anytime they like to just remember to keep it civil at all times.


4 thoughts on “Apologies to Carlos

  1. I was given a heads up, but I didn’t want to be accusatory… that’s not needed. Carlos told me that his posts around WordPress occasionally end up in spam, so it’s not just you.


  2. Is it some kind of glitch dealing with links to websites in his comment? Carlos has an annoying habit of citing sources to back up his claims, and him putting links in the comment may have been seen by the spam filter as some kind of clickbait, or something….


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