Poll Update – July 4 2018

July 4 2018

There has been a giant surge in votes over the last nine hours.

At one stage there was less than a half dozen votes separating Pro-Axanar and Anti-Axanar on the question of immaturity.

50 additional votes were cast overnight for each of the three questions and the distribution of votes has led to a blowout in once tight voting.

77% of voters so far believe the two parts of Axanar will not be completed.

61% so far believe the Pro-Axanar group is the most immature of both sides of the Axanar debate.

81% so far believe that all Axanar records should be made available.

If the trend continues it appears that all three questions have a definitive answer way before they end on July 14.

On another note, happy 1000 site visits to us, an unexpected achievement.


15 thoughts on “Poll Update – July 4 2018

  1. So the haters flood a hater site and hater poll and you act surprised……you are either the most ignorant person on the internet, or you are playing everyone for a fool……take your pick.


    1. We’re not a hater site and it is not a hater poll, it is democracy and the votes could of easily gone the other way.

      The surprising part was that it rose quickly after two days and a half days of hardly anyone noticing it.


    2. I’m curious about a couple things ‘An axanar supporter’ :
      1) Why do you feel the need to be anonymous?
      2) You have commented on previous articles without any sign of this site being a “hater site” – why do you now brand this site as such? Is it because of the poll results?


      1. The fact is, I maintain anonymity on here because I choose to do so. Having been bashed by the anti axanar side on things as trivial as to the pants I wore in certain photo, will tend to make one wary of revealing themselves.

        As to why I consider this a “hater” blog, that is simple this blog has gotten way more coverage on the anti axanar groups on Facebook. On the pro axanar side, this was mentioned when it started, but other than that the reaction is “meh”.

        Also I do not comment because anyone is telling me to comment,I do so
        of my own free will(unlike the coordinated hater campaigns against both Treklanta and sphinxcon).

        I have noticed no one who bashed either Treklanta or. Sphinxcon have been banished from the hater groups(meaning the admins tacitly support such actions).


      2. Just because this site receives more coverage on one side of the fence than the other doesn’t make it a hater blog… that is a lie peddled by Alec Peters to control the narrative and cast shadow on anyone not sharing his opinion… look at all the good folks who were pro Axanar until they challenged Alec’s version of events.

        No campaigns were ever orchestrated for what you claim, we are all individuals with free will and an ability to see a big mistake a mile away.

        Axanar fans are not squeeky clean, so don’t pretend to be.


      3. There are no rules when it comes to who posts about this site and how much they do so.

        A ‘Pro-Axanar’ supporter has the same rights as an ‘Anti-Axanar’ supporter when ti comes to posting what they want when they want as long as they follow the rules of where they are posting.


    1. The interesting thing is that after reading opinions on here that even those ‘against’ Axanar don’t all believe in the same thing.

      A closer look at both sides would reveal for example that AxaMonitor’s FB group has a million and one opinions and not everyone would vote ‘No’ to Axanar completing its two parts because they hope Axanar is made and/or all perks aside from full length movie is fulfilled, apologies are made and all the rest.

      A visit to the other side of the argument would show that people have different ways of defense and thoughts on the way forward for Axanar.

      When we started it was built from frustration that two sides were trying to out stoop each other in lowness and now things are mostly ‘One says this, one says that and you decide what version of events is the accurate one’.

      At the end of the day, what people think we are is what they think we are, we can only go forward and see what happens next.


      1. I think both Axanar shorts being completed would be an ideal way to close down at least some of this controversy. Maybe there are formations of supporters forming up in places that the rest of us can’t see online, but I fear that the odds of the films being completed are great, the odds of them being funding in 6 figure amounts are nil, and thus my vote on your poll reflected that dour view.


  2. And thus we see the origin of a ‘hater’…it isnt actually about whether or not you actively seek to tear down Alec Peters or the Axanar Production team, Mr. Tiggy; you put forth something that showed them in a bad light, ergo you are a ‘hater’.

    If the final reault of the poll doesnt favor the pro-axanar party line, odds are you may end up with more aggressive and combative comments from them….what you say doesnt matter unless you say exactly the right thing…anything less, and you are part of the hater conspiracy.


    1. If anyone gets aggressive or combative they’ll be warned to behave and then ignored if they don’t behave.

      Pro-Axanar and Anti-Axanar lines don’t matter over here, only decency, understanding, learning and improving.


  3. I would expect the next stage to be a rallying of the troops (quietly and in the private messaging world) and a sudden increase in the pro-axanar votes.


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