Monitor Wrap (15/7/18)

July 15 2018

It is a mixed bag of activity in the Axanar world at the moment, Axanar hasn’t said much apart from the release of more pages from Axanar Comics.

Fan Film Factor did a review of Matt Miller’s ‘Once More With Feeling’ the interesting thing about it is that just a few weeks ago Matt was reported by FFF to have a chip on his shoulder the size of Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock).

The review was actually quite respectable which was good to see despite the two not seeing eye to eye on the Axanar issue.

On the subject of the new Axanar comic pages, Fan Film Forum was called a “Predominately Axanar Fan Film Forum” which is inaccurate as FFF usually writes about all sorts of fan productions and writes about Axanar if the action is coming in thick and fast which happens time to time.

Jonathan Lane’s response was to suggest that comment maker “William Mandella” is Matt Miller (Trekzone), he writes this blog and after some back and forth then went on to say that his (Jonathan) comments were to “demonstrate to you (William Mandella) what an unsupported accusation feels like”.

Firstly despite it being a scenario, I am not a Richmond Tigers supporter, secondly I haven’t made a live action Fan Film, thirdly Matt Miller couldn’t be stuffed making three Facebook accounts and two blogs to mess with people.

Lastly, We are called MTM not MM!.

Meanwhile AxaMonitor’s FB group has been talking about the review, the topic of ‘Fair Use’ and the whether is is possible to sue over Axanar’s current failure to deliver a product.

Trekzone is busily taking down notes on Once More With Feeling and it will be interesting to see what the follow up will be about.

That’s about it.


3 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (15/7/18)

  1. You forgot the post on AxaMonitor about the new independent film Christian Gossett’s film company is currently filming in Texas. Proof that real producers actually make films. This is the same team that made Prelude for Peters so I wish them good fortune with their filming.


  2. Looking at the past 3 months of posts by FFF it seems that 1/3 of the posts are Axanar related..

    So while predominantly isn’t the right word, it is a significant portion of the posts… as a single topic it has the most posts…


    1. It all depended on the action that was taking place at the time, the more action there was going on equals more posts covering the action.

      But we should now see a change in the quantity of Axanar posts as people are urging FFF to focus on a wider variety of fan films.


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