Water in the well

August 22 2018

There is finally something to talk about in the Axanar world after a long period of information drought.

First up, AxaCon is proceeding on and there were announcements of guests and those announcements have people talking from AxaMonitor to Axanar and there’s more opinions than stars in the sky on the topic.

Next up and perhaps the most important news is that Axanar has a production update and people will find some interesting information in it from what the lawsuit chewed up in production costs ($500,000) as the production was still paying bills while they were ground to a halt to casting announcements and a filming plan.

The filming plan is a big statement, Axanar could be filming at the end of the year and the beginning of 2019 andwith post production starting in February 2019.

There will be a lot of people proven wrong if those targets are hit though the massive spending, missed targets and running battles with critics would not be forgotten.

Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “Water in the well

  1. It’s important to note that the $500,000 lawsuit “cost,” as calculated by Alec Peters, is an estimate of how much it cost to *not* produce Axanar while the lawsuit was raging, not how much was spent of donors’ money on the lawsuit itself. Unless it is, which would contradict all Peters’ previous statements that his pro bono representation left only small costs he had to cover himself.

    As I note in today’s AxaMonitor coverage of the new production update, it’s more accurate to note that $500,000 is more directly connected to Peters’ ill-advised decision to build his own commercial studio first before moving forward to produce the film. He would’ve only needed to rent space for the production for a few months, not sign a three-year lease that committed him to paying upwards of $15,000 of donors’ money a month no matter whether Axanar was ever produced or not.


      1. They continued to work on building out the studio all through the lawsuit. Peters was desperate to get it going to offset the $15,000 he was spending a month just on rent and utilities.


      2. Here’s a question on the current Ares Studios, we all know Alec made a pitch to donate to Patreon to preserve the Ares sets, say Axanar is made and the others in the queue are too and they’ve got to put new stuff up because maybe somebody wants TNG era or even a whole new Sci-fi show, where will the Ares stuff go?


      3. They continued with the studio during the lawsuit because they desperately needed to rent it out to earn income from it, something Peters reassured donors about but it never really got off the ground commercially. He told donors in May 2016 the studio was a month away from being rented. It never was.


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