Monitor Wrap (24/8/18)

August 24 2018

Axanar‘s Production Update has been dissected by AxaMonitor, readers of AxaMonitor’s report may think that Carlos is either obsessed with Axanar (or Alec Peters) or he is doing a great job for people by keeping them informed on what Axanar is reporting and checking if what they say is true.

Meanwhile The REAL Truth About Axanar is awake from its slumber and it is all thanks to the production update and AxaMonitor’s response to it.

Both sides do not think highly of each other, they have a wonderful array of names for each other and they probably will continue to name call until either AxaMonitor falls, Axanar falls or Axanar’s two parts are made.

Carlos (AxaMonitor) will always be on Alec’s (Axanar) tail, he gives a voice to those who feel that they got ripped off by the way Axanar/Alec spent their money on the production and were unhappy about the lawsuit that changed the landscape of Fan Productions forever, a lawsuit that also ensured Axanar wouldn’t be completed at this time.

But let’s wipe the slate clean for the moment and say forget about the lawsuit, the seven figure sum that went down the drain and look at the here and now.

Alec/Axanar has to ignore what Carlos/AxaMonitor reports, people will make up their own minds on who is right and who is wrong and all Alec/Axanar has to do is focus on making AxaCon successful and get the two Axanar parts made.

Alec/Axanar have to let their work do the talking from here on in, nothing can be gained by calling people obsessed or haters or everything else under the sun.

Carlos/Axamonitor have things much easier, all they have to do is sit, wait, dissect reports that come their way and then wait some more, if there is not a frame of film shot of Parts IV and V by January 31 2019 (Axanar did say Dec 2018 – January 2019) then AxaMonitor will well and truly win.

Why would they have won? Because the filming plan did not come true and people who had great patience would have a lot less patience after a missed target to get Axanar made, completed and assigned to the history books as done.

Right now if you ask around the odds of success for Axanar are considered to be small but as we have seen in our lives events that had long odds of happening have triumphed for example Donald Trump was long odds of being elected POTUS and Prince of Penzance was a 100/1 chance of winning the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

Until next time, be civil to each other.


3 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (24/8/18)

  1. Thank you for your dispassionate analysis. However, I’d appreciate you not conflate comments (particularly comments) made by people on the AxaMonitor discussion group on Facebook with what is published on the AxaMonitor website. The Facebook group is a discussion forum; the opinions there belong solely to the people expressing them. I am not a name-caller, and would prefer not being lumped together with those who are — on both sides of the Axanar issue.

    Also, I don’t believe there is a winning/losing issue at stake here. I don’t consider it a “win” if Axanar Lite doesn’t get made. I have only ever sought for Alec Peters to be held accountable for how he squandered so much of other people’s money and tries to divert people’s attention away from that by casting vitriol and ad hominem aspersions at those who are critical of his actions. The successful production of Axanar Lite — should that ever happen — doesn’t magically absolve Peters from how he wasted fans’ donations on a never-used studio and how his actions negatively affected the entire fan film community.

    If Axanar Lite in fact is never produced, I don’t believe I’ve “won” anything. At that point, there are no winners.

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    1. Isn’t it not nice to call Axanar’s two parts ‘Axanar Lite’? They sure don’t like it.

      There is no suggestion that Alec completing the two parts would absolve him from the past actions that people object to, people would said yes he did finish in the end but he also did this, this, this, that and that too.


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