Glass Houses?

September 12 2018

Whilst searching through Facebook seeing what is going on in the Axanar world, a petition was found from earlier this year calling on FB to shut down Axamonitor (the FB group that is separate from the website) because it is claimed they bully and other things.

But as we have shown over time, animosity between those who support Alec Peters and those who don’t is not a one way street when it comes to name calling etc, if you see name calling etc at AxaMonitor’s FB group, you will most certainly find the same thing going on at The REAL Truth About Axanar.

So if The REAL Truth About Axanar talks about people just as bad isn’t it justification for them to be brought down too?

There are many other groups out there that could be scrutinised but for this piece we’re just going one on one as both groups comment on what the other is saying.

Taking a stand on bullying is always commendable but you have got to make sure that the place you’re in isn’t doing the same thing otherwise it doesn’t make you look really good.


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