Monitor Wrap (18/9/18)

September 18 2018

Things are back to settling down in the Axanar world and that is always a good thing.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has pretty much been the most active of groups going around in the last week as there are no new memes, no new movie posters and no Axanar posts going around at this time.

Unfortunately there was one sad piece of news in the last week and that is the death of Frank Serafine who worked on Prelude to Axanar as well as many major films like Tron, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and more.

Variety’s haste to get the story out meant that it mentioned Star Trek New Voyages which led to Carlos noting that they omitted Prelude to Axanar, a later correction to the story cut New Voyages with people thinking that they believe Variety later recognized it as a fan film and not a big production.

There was some controversy in the reporting of the news on social media, Carlos shared the news of Mr Serafine’s death on AxaMonitor and Fan Film Forum and mentioned that Mr Serafine was “cited in subpoenas during the Axanar lawsuit.”

The mention did not go down well with some people at Fan Film Forum and comments had to be closed to ensure that things did not get out of hand.

After giving it a long thought it seems that perhaps people felt it was not necessary to mention the subpoenas and the lawsuit, the man has died so why not just mention his achievements of being part of Prelude (which was successful and enjoyed) and his involvement in so many important films?

There is one thing we’re curious about and that is why hasn’t Axanar made any mention of the passing?

Meanwhile on AxaMonitor’s FB page, there’s bits and pieces for everybody, we even got a mention, it is nice to make people think about things no matter if it has an impact on thoughts or not.

There may not be anything interesting Axanar wise until AxaCon, we suspect that is when people are going to see what sort of cards Alec Peters is holding considering cameras are supposedly rolling the next month and into 2019.

Though we all know that can change in an instant, Axanar could release a Captain’s Log (cue the log jokes), a production update, make a controversial comment at anytime.

That’s all for today, be good to each other.


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