Monitor Wrap (22/9/18)

September 22 2018

Axanar has a new update, a financial one.

There are three sections in the report and they are Taxes, 2017 financials and 501c3 Non-Profit.

AxaMonitor’s FB group is having a discussion on it and they’ve brought attention to the line “key donors and outsiders such as Jonathan Lane of Fan Film Factor’, this picture says that he is a writer of Axanar Productions Inc therefore is not an outsider.

Some people wish that they can get their money back and others want their perks that they should have received from Axanar.

The ‘haters’ are unhappy that all their money was spent before Axanar could even make it onto the starting grid and get underway.

Some are unhappy that Axanar chose to take on CBS/Paramount wasting valuable time and most importantly money when they could of done more with their story with less film time.

Others are unhappy that all the above was faced with no regrets or apologies.

Over at The REAL Truth About Axanar,  Axanar fans appear to be very happy with the report and call those who aren’t happy things like knuckleheads, haters and that they are too stupid to understand business.

‘Haters’ are also apparently on a ‘tardigrade persecution’ though most aren’t really interested in that lawsuit and the same goes for Axanar fans who are said to be on the plaintiff’s side, most would probably not care about the case or have no idea what is going on.

They say Carlos is dumpster diving and staking out a coffee house or getting somebody in Georgia to do it for him.

Meanwhile Colin Krapp gave thoughts on our readership numbers on ‘The REAL Truth About Axanar’ which was “And the readership of the “MTM blog” is probably what, the same 60 hardcore members of AxaMonitor”.

Our response is that we currently average 10 site visits a day this month which isn’t bad considering that we do no promotion of our material, we just post and let things be what they be.

Visitor count reads as 105 for the month so either there is more than 60 hardcore members at AxaMonitor or Axanar fans are also reading what we say.

We don’t control who comes and reads what we have to say, anyone who has come here over the last four months can tell you that AxaMonitor’s FB group has been critiqued several times so we aren’t hatersville.

The aim is simple, to cut through all the blue polo shirt talk and wonderful descriptions of each other and get to what everybody is really saying.

Our comments are always open for anyone to say their piece as long as it is civil, somebody will be comment 150 shortly, nothing has been censored unless wordpress decided posts are spam.

There’s one more thing the Axanar report said that got our attention “we are working hard on finishing the bridge set at OWC Studios“, this is a wonderful opportunity to show exactly that in pictures, even if the bridge set at last report isn’t in the two 15 minute parts.

Showing progress in writing can easily be dismissed, showing the progress with pictures is a lot harder to dismiss.

Have a great day.


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