Monitor Wrap (23/9/18)

September 23 2018

It is going to be an interesting time tonight whilst the Southern Hemisphere sleeps because AxaMonitor has released AxaCon’s schedule as it currently stands.

That’s right the AxaMonitor website has a report on it and it is very detailed on what fans will see for the minimum $91 price of admission.

Now it should be pointed out that the bulk of that $91 is for SphinxCon which takes up $64 and the rest is to get into AxaCon but you cannot have an AxaCon ticket only.

Day One sounds light on content for AxaCon basic ticket holders but Day Two and Three may have parts of interest for people, it will be interesting to know what the Fan Film Top 10 is, what the Axanar update will have and what Axanar: The fans’ perspective will say.

It would also be interesting to see what “Admiral Slater: Misunderstood” would have considering that the character was only featured as a picture and was mentioned briefly in Prelude to Axanar, perhaps the panel will have reveal a deep backstory, something that Axanar Comics can perhaps use.

We hope AxaCon will be a success, be worth the price of admission to two conventions and we also hope that Axanar will surprise people by revealing an ace or two that it had up its sleeve for some time.

Meanwhile on AxaMonitor’s separate FB group, reaction to the early AxaCon schedule is quiet as of this hour but there is a couple of jokes about sandwiches.

The REAL Truth About Axanar is still unhappy with Carlos’ report on Mr Serafine’s death although the screencap of Carlos mentioning our observation (we’re an afterthought).

Carlos is apparently a hack, doesn’t believe in the moon landing, looks obsessed and may be jealous or resentful of Alec’s success.

Trekzone is back talking about Axanar after a period of quietness, the new post is an editorial on the AxaCon schedule.

Lastly, today’s lesson is that gloves should really be used when using pruners for long amounts of time and also when clearing away parts of old rose bushes, wearing gloves equals no blisters or cuts to the hands.

Until next time, Be good to each other.


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