404’s and AxaCon

September 25 2018

It has been an interesting 24 hours in the Axanar world.

Firstly, Axanar’s website has been plagued with 404 errors over the last day with sections like Captain’s Log now getting the error message however the main page still works.

Secondly, Alec Peters has been interviewed by Jonathan Lane and it has been confirmed that all $1.2 million dollars in donations has been spent.

A lot has been said about new accountants keeping an eye on things now but what happened in the past has affected how the future will be for Axanar.

Spending $1.2 million dollars for not even a second of film upsets people, they may be called haters etc but they are angry because it was their money and it was poorly spent.

They donated because they believed in those behind Axanar, they donated in the belief they would get what they paid for and they sure didn’t expect to see all $1.2 million dollars spent and the film (or 2 x 15 minute parts) not making it onto the starting grid by now.

Even though Axanar won’t be a feature length film due to the guidelines, backers are and will still be pushing to make sure they get their perks in full.

Some people would of been/will be happy with an apology that can include an admission that bad decisions were made, that the money was blown trying to do something special, that the big occasion was mind blowing etc instead of being labelled haters and a million other terms just because of their genuine unhappiness.

Other items of note in the interview is that AxaCon may not be profitable and may incur a financial loss of $5000.

That $5000 could of given Axanar a boost, plenty of fan productions have been made for $5000 or less and even if Axanar’s price tag is over $5000 you can still do a lot with it.

That’s what also upsets people, decisions that make no sense, why a convention now instead of later when the production is done and they have something to make people curious about?

Part 2 of the interview will be coming out soon and Carlos Pedraza will be getting a mention in it, this will probably not end well because of past history.

It seems Carlos is in a unique position, he is admired by those who feel that they were burnt by Axanar and feel he is doing people a good service while on the other hand he is absolutely disliked who support Axanar and/or Alec Peters for various reasons.

There’s no fortune or fame to gain reporting on Axanar, the only gains are maybe just gaining experience on what to do or what not to do in business or fan production and improving blogging skills.

Everyone knows by now that you have to be near perfect in writing blogs or people will pounce on mistakes.

Hopefully nothing bad is said in the Alec Peters interview, everyone knows if there is people will respond in kind and it gets worse for a couple of days until the news cycle ends and everything goes largely quiet.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “404’s and AxaCon

  1. Oh, dude. Part 2 is even better! Here’s the entertaining twist *that* part of the interview takes:

    “ALEC – Carlos is all about believing in conspiracies. I had someone contact me who actually ran into Carlos in a restaurant in Seattle. They said Carlos started talking about how the moon landing was a hoax and other conspiracy theories. And I think that explains why everything about Axanar is a conspiracy to Carlos.

    “JONATHAN – Well, that kinda sounds like “hearsay evidence,” Alec. Did Carlos ever write or publish anything about that somewhere that I can cite it?

    “ALEC – Hey, I’m just relaying what I was told, which is what Carlos usually does…when he’s not outright lying about me. So if he wants to go on Facebook or Axamonitor and say that he believes that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and ten other Americans did, in fact, walk on the moon’s surface, I invite him to do that. If he doesn’t believe it’s true, then he can say that, too…and then he can have a lot of interesting discussions with people when First Man comes out in theaters in three weeks!”


  2. I think Alex is wrong….twelve Americans did not walk on the moon….I am pretty sure one of them was actually a Canadian in disguise….


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