Moon landings and money

September 25 2018

Part Two of Jonathan Lane’s interview with Alec Peters was posted today and people got to find out a little more about Axanar.

There is no firm plan for release for Axanar and Alec said it would be nice if it was finished in time for Summer 2019.

AxaCon was also described as “an event to celebrate Axanar and help kick off a new phase in our history.” and Alec isn’t worried about losing up to $5,000.

Hopefully this new phase means that there is nothing but news of development after development backed up by images to make it irrefutable that things are happening.

The next couple of months will go a long way to determine what will happen in 2019, when Axanar delivers content of Axanar in motion its stocks will rise.

If things pick up and Axanar is done in 2019 some may happily eat humble pie on that issue but whether people would be more forgiving about blowing $1.2 million dollars or being nasty is something else.

Meanwhile around half of Part Two was dedicated to talk about Carlos Pedraza, Carlos is said to believe in conspiracies such as Apollo being fake.

Carlos is also described as a deranged, obsessed stalker though we’ve found him to be a great guest on our comments thread.

When something as big as $1.2 million dollars is spent for so little return, you want to be absolutely sure that the money didn’t get sucked up by something it wasn’t supposed to be sucked up by.

So it isn’t too unusual if somebody wonders about the Federal Coffee House and if some of the Axanar money went there because of Axanar connections.

Is stating prices of conventions really considered complaining or is it merely just being informative to prospective donors and maybe those wanting to give Axanar another try?

People have a right to know of past experiences and current concerns people have about giving money to Axanar and Axanar has the right to tell people that there is nothing to worry about and both have to leave it to the consumer to decide.

If Carlos was getting information by stealing or being deceptive as a means to get information then Alec has a right to be concerned that things may be amiss but if everything Carlos finds and reports on is 100% on the public record for anyone to find for themselves then it should be alright, again it is up to the consumer of the information to decide who is right or wrong.

Lastly in a few days the AxaCon schedule will be out, we hope that the event does go well because we don’t like to see something fail to be a success especially after so much money and resources are put into something.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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