Landing Astronauts and Credentials

September 26 2018

Overnight while we slept, AxaMonitor (FB group) and The REAL Truth About Axanar were seeing a boom in business thanks to Fan Film Factor‘s two part interview with Alec Peters.

Fighting continues on topics such as AxaCon prices, Moon landings, Frank Serafine, Who is more successful and who is what when it comes to descriptions of mental health.

For those who don’t know, Alec said that he was told that Carlos thinks the moon landings did not happen, Carlos says he believes the landings did happen and Alec wonders if Carlos says that now because saying that they were fake would open him up to more ridicule.

Alec today outlined his credentials including national coaching of (Volleyball) teams (mostly as assistant), building successful technology businesses, running the most successful production prop auctions ever after Christie’s Star Trek auction and finishes up by declaring he succeeds at whatever he does.

Words being thrown around the groups over the last day include Flat-Earther mentality (hopefully we all know we are on an imperfect sphere), deranged, narcissist, stalker, mentally ill, ding-dongs and more.

Carlos spent a while answering questions on ‘The Real Truth About Axanar’ including a discussion with Jonathan Lane which was interesting to see the two in discussion.

Carlos also spent time conversing on AxaMonitor’s FB page.

Meanwhile in case anybody has forgotten, Trekzone has published an editorial about AxaCon, it is the first piece on Axanar in a couple of months after there was a backlash after a series of Axanar stories.

The name calling that goes on every day is really not necessary, facts should be all that is needed to be said as we said we wish one side could ask questions, get polite answers and go from there.

There are at least 50 names that people call each other across the groups, seems to be growing by the day.

Lastly here are some answers to some questions as things stand right now.

Was the $1.2 million completely spent?  Yes
Are people unhappy the $1.2 is completely spent? Yes
Does Carlos believe the Moon landings happened? Yes
Is Prelude to Axanar liked by at least most those at AxaMonitor? Yes
Have all non film perks been delivered? No
Is there a firm plan for Axanar? No
Will the Ares bridge be used? Unknown at this time, locked script says no
Will the Ares bridge be ready by AxaCon? They’re working on it
Is AxaCon expected to be financially successful? No
Will people watch if Axanar is completed? Yes
Will people be open minded in their critique? Maybe
Will people be forgiving of the $1.2 million dollars? Maybe not
Is spending $1.2 million for little no big deal? No, it is a lot of money

There are probably a million more questions that have answers and we’ll get to them later on.

Until next time, be nice to each other.


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