Private event

October 18 2018

AxaCon is now considered a private event for supporters of Axanar.

That’s the word from The Real Truth About Axanar as Carlos and Jonathan had a lengthy discussion on airfares and terms of entry.

No doubt entry is also allowed for those who are curious about Axanar or just want to meet J.G. Hertzler or Gary Graham, there are Enterprise and DS9 fans out there.

A solution may have come to hand for Carlos in regards to travel expenses with one Axanar supporter offering to buy his ticket.

If AxaCon is a private event, why offer to sell tickets to the people? Why was there nothing mentioned on the SphinxCon and AxaCon pages on FB etc?

Ticket purchasers online will now see the following notice;

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to safety concerns and stalking incidents, Axacon reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.  In addition, there is no recording of any kind, and the staff reserves the right to remove anyone violating this rule with NO REFUND.

We wonder did the notice appear before or after Carlos purchased a ticket? If it was before then Carlos didn’t read instructions (seemingly unlikely) and if it was after it be in reaction to Carlos buying a ticket.

It has revealed that while somebody may not be allowed into AxaCon there is no problem getting into SphinxCon.

Does the banning of recordings mean that people won’t get to see the panels online as it was mentioned in Part 2 of Jonathan Lane’s interview with Alec Peters that everything at AxaCon would be filmed with some sort of plan for them in the future.

Meanwhile A look at the comments on Fan Film Factor reveals an interesting comment from Alec as part of his response to the FFF story and its comments.

Just about anyone in the Axanar world, especially donors, are more than welcome to Axacon

It could be taken that they are interested in past donors attending or they are interested in new donors attending.

But then again, there are past donors who have become disillusioned and want answers, does questioning what has happened disqualify them from entering Axacon?

Lastly it appears that plans are underway for attendees to take a look at the big financial books of Axanar to show that everything was spent the way it should of been spent, from what we’ve read over time, one of the issues of the spending is what it went towards instead where people thought it was going to be.

For example a large chunk of the money people donated was so OWC Studios could be prepared for the filming of Axanar and for the studio be upkept instead of the money going into the filming of Axanar and that got people upset.

So there we have it fans, if you’re considered a minion of Carlos, don’t bother going to Atlanta, stay home, enjoy the last month of Autumn.

As for everyone else, feel free to go and have a good time at AxaCon or SphinxCon if you chose to go there instead.


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