There’s a kind of sigh all over the world tonight, all over the world…..

October 18 2018

Past and present Axamonitor members are not welcome to Axacon according to the latest from Fan Film Factor.

Carlos Pedraza brought a ticket and was rejected, yep it is quite interesting that he’d brought a ticket but perhaps he was merely curious about what was out there and may of even been willing to be surprised if Axacon surpassed his expectations.

When you think about it, Carlos should be allowed to go to Axacon, Axacon will supposedly be filmed in its entirety so if Carlos acts up at a panel etc it would be in beautiful HD but there’s also the chance that anything polite he says and acts respectfully would also be backed up in beautiful HD.

We’ve been told many times that Axamonitor’s website is not related to the FB group and every website post we’ve seen is backed up with sources that can be viewed by anyone who demands proof.

Aside from the jokes and low blows that gets old faster than ‘The Song That Doesn’t End’ on loop for an hour there are grievances aired on the FB group and grievances mentioned on the website that doesn’t crack jokes and people are still looking for answers from Axanar.

One wonders how Axacon can possibly keep out past and present Axamonitor members, they would need page after page filled names and photographs to identify people, how would they know who has been in and out of the group? Not all info a person puts on FB is true too.

It has been pointed out one of SphinxCon’s showrunner was briefly at Axamonitor’s FB group, does he get thrown out of his own event?

The Fan Film Factor story may do Axacon more harm than good, it will be interesting to see what happens in the Axanar world whilst the Southern Hemisphere sleeps.

There is a silver lining for Carlos, he’s been offered a free pass to the Shatner weekend at THE OFFICIAL TOUR (as written by Mr Cawley).

Comments of course are open but some do end up in spam without notification otherwise we don’t censor unless a post is very rude to people.

Time to sleep, be good to each other.


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