What is the truth?

October 19 2018

Every day we flick back and forth through Axamonitor, AxaMonitor FB group and The Real Truth About Axanar and Fan Film Factor/Forum to see what everyone is saying and try to find the absolute truth to all the stories.

The first thing you’ll notice is that people on Axamonitor, AxaMonitor FB group or TRTAA and FFF say the other is lying about things.

The second thing you’ll notice is that they can give nasty descriptions of each other and you can see some of the descriptions listed here.

The third thing is that there is truth buried in all the chatter, you just have to be patient and then you will find it.

Alec commented on FFF’s latest blog entry that Carlos has ‘achieved so little in his life’
and that haters have ‘produced nothing of value for Star Trek fandom’.

We know for a fact that some of those who have objected to actions taken by Axanar have in fact produced quite a bit in Star Trek fandom.

Everything in life has a different value to the person standing next to us and so on and so forth, what is considered little to somebody could mean the world to somebody else.

The truth to everything is that Axanar’s two parts have not been made and Alec is stepping up his claims on the future of the two parts, its 2019 or bust because that’s what the whole world has been told.

They can’t get money like they used to or any production for that matter so they’ll have to make do with smaller funding.

AxaMonitor’s website will always report on what they believe is to be true and will provide sources so people can judge for themselves if what is said is the truth.

AxaMonitor’s FB group does go over the top at times which doesn’t help but you’ll see the exact same story if you go to TRTAA or Fan Film Factor/Forum only the aimed at are different.

People will always be upset that the $1.2 million dollars was spent with only one scene to show for it as they believed they were funding Axanar not the preparations to make Axanar or the future of the studio so it doesn’t matter how many professionals sign off on the expenditure, the belief will remain.

People will always be upset that they didn’t get their patches etc because they haven’t gotten their promised patches and other perks.

People will always be upset that CBS was taken on when it wasn’t necessary, Star Trek is theirs, we can play with Star Trek but we can’t make it our Kingdom or have a price set on our work.

Alec didn’t singlehandedly kill fan films, when Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and New Voyages came along it brought a massive change in fandom, professionals came in, sets came in and budgets skyrocketed and in return for all that came productions that gave CBS a run for their money and made people fandom names and they didn’t like it.

Axanar was the last link in the chain and if it wasn’t them, it was going to be somebody else with the big cash and bold ambitions that jumped a mile over the line of acceptability, they just happened to be the ones that done all that.

People have to take their time on making judgements, wait a couple of hours when a new post is made because there is an absolute certainty that more details will spill out over time to make the picture clearer and the story be more conclusive.

A good pal in the fan film world mentioned that it is surprising that we haven’t gotten the attention of TRTAA, Axanar or Fan Film Factor but if it does happen it won’t bother us at all, we will go through, answer and get on with the business at hand, the attempt to keep the peace.

Star Trek fans have been divided on one issue or another for so long, past what is considered healthy and robust debate, one day this issue of Axanar will come to a head and either we will see Axanar’s two parts with all perks delivered or we will not.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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