How much progress is progress?

October 30 2018

Axanar have released a bunch of Captain’s Log entries over the last week and they have been revealing some details.

There’s a new character being introduced named Mor’o and he is the mentor of Kharn.

Axanar really does have a Head of Security which is probably a first for a Star Trek fan production.

Carpet and console panels have been picked up from manufacturers and sellers, the console panels are now being made with different material.

The carpet was picked up around 8 days before the Volunteer day so there is every chance it will be laid down by the time Axacon comes around.

Volunteer Day got a lot of discussion on Axamonitor’s FB group, one screencap shown that Alec said in Atlanta Film Production Group that he fought CBS & Paramount to a draw.

The loss of Ares Studios, fan film guidelines being here to stay and the loss of the rest of Axanar’s $1.2 million to expenses was one heck of a costly draw.

One line that got attention was ‘Who wants to work on Star Trek?’ it should of been ‘Who wants to work on a Star Trek fan production?’ because saying Star Trek is misleading.

Some wondered whether a gaffer and an electrician is the same thing, well the definition of gaffer is ‘the chief electrician in a film or television production unit‘.

There was also a couple of queries on how many people helped at OWC with early photos suggesting the total was only four with two already working on the production but there is every possibility people were elsewhere and not in pictures.

So as you’ll see there is mixed opinion on all the latest but Axacon is coming and people will know a heck of a lot more by the end of the weekend.

Everything is pure speculation in terms of how ready the Ares bridge is, will it feature in Axanar, will a couple of dozen people really go to Axacon and will Axanar be filming in December and January.

Until next time, be good to each other.

UPDATE: New Voyages had a Head of Security and Axanar has released more Captain’s Log entries, so far four have been released today (29th in the USA) but they are dated the October 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th.


4 thoughts on “How much progress is progress?

  1. There’s a major difference, though. New Voyages had security for actual film shoots; Axanar feels it needs security to protect itself from disgruntled fans angry that Axanar has yet to have a film shoot.


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