The countdown goes on

November 1 2018

The clock continues to tick down towards Axacon and more details have been announced.

The author of the book The Life and Death of Rising Star Steve Ihnat is coming to Axacon which will add something new to the private party.

Axanar cookies are also on the menu after a fan sent in 150 treats and more hardware parts were purchased for the Ares Bridge.

Meanwhile Alec Peters says that Carlos Pedraza is incapable of achieving anything after Carlos done some further reporting on Axacon and the financials situation.

It was a remark that really wasn’t needed especially after Axanar had spent the last week reporting positive news, a view that may depend on who you ask.

We found out on the Axanar blog that a kids birthday party can cost $800 and the gifts received can barely total over $200 but the gift price total doesn’t matter because the celebration matters hence why losing $5000 on Axacon is not a problem for Alec because it is all about the celebration.

There are people who don’t care whose money it is as long as it isn’t the public’s money but with Axanar’s two parts so long overdue and money being spent on the little things it does annoy those who are awaiting perks when they gave to the cause.

Alec mentioned marketing in the digital age in his thoughts on Carlos and Axacon does sound ripe for future digital content but people are seemingly more interested about the possibility of seeing sparsely occupied Axacon site and more in Axacon footage.

There is no doubt that the jokes will be flying if Axacon’s panels get an audience about the same number that Steve Bannon got when he tried to talk to the masses in Kansas the other day, now before anyone goes on about political wings and political parties, the subject does not interest us one bit.

Lastly, FFF and Trekzone co-operated in FFF’s new blog entry about the Fan Appreciation Weekend which is good for their future interviews which is set for after Axacon.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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