Axacon almost done

November 4 2018

Axacon is largely done now and there isn’t a whole lot said about how it is going but what we do know is that Jonathan Lane posted a blog about the bridge set and Axanar have put up a Day 1 blog as well.

The bridge set looks very nice, it was noted that some of the displays were showing images sideways but the answer is that the screens were on a ‘test loop’ (see Fan Film Forum for that answer).

There are questions to the fate of the 40 inch TV’s that were purchased for the bridge, we would assume that those TV’s are on the top part of the bridge walls as pictures have shown that section both turned on and off and Axanar’s November 1 blog shows a TV from behind in the wall.

Overall the bridge was a great improvement over the pictures that were seen on October 28 and it is good the Axacon guests got to see something really good and there is even a button with ‘Pedraza’s Brain’ written on it.

Now the big question is whether they’ll actually use the bridge for Axanar or not, at the moment the answer is no but with Axanar’s brains trust all being in the one place they may change their minds.

At the moment there are no reports of ‘detractors’ sneaking in to Axacon or even visiting SphinxCon and as far as we know nobody copied photos and tried to convince people that they were there and taken those photographs.

SphinxCon had a live video running for 50 minutes earlier today (Australian time) and attendees at that convention were pretty well dressed up for the occasion, it looked like there were a couple of dozen people when counting people on and off the stage.

So there we have it, Axacon is two-thirds of the way through and then those interested in Axanar’s fate will be waiting to see what happens next.


One thought on “Axacon almost done

  1. I was at the open house/first day of Axacon. I could not stay any longer due to travel for work. There were approximately 30 or so people(the number Alec expected) at the studio.

    Basically my day went like this…..showed up at the studio, said “hi” to Crysstal and Alec, got asked to go to lunch with Crysstal, Dale, & Steven Jepsen… of course I said yes. We went to a local restaurant and also meeting for lunch was Gary Graham and JG Hertzler. Spent most of lunch talking with Dale and Gary about competitive Shooting and military stuff. Went back to the studio, got introduced to a lot of the crew that worked on the bridge set over the last year. Yep the monitors are in and for the most part working(PC hardware issue on one bank of them, easy fix). Yes the 40 inch TV’s are all installed “up top”. The set looks AMAZING. The Plexi console stations are in place and lit up from below. There is a bit of finishing things to do(but coming forward from the open house last year) you can see exactly how much work got accomplished.

    They did two live reads from the full 90 minute script, with Alec, JG, Gary and others reading. There were a ton of video recording of interviews of cast and crew I assume both for fan film factor and Axanar productions own web page. Of course some information was shared with those in attendance (that I can not divulge), so after everyone was at the studio for about 5 hours(way longer than the 2 hours that was planned) a bunch of us went out to dinner, and that was it for the first day.

    I know Alec was happy with the turnout, how the crew of people got the bridge set running, and how much those in attendance seemed to enjoy the day. Of course the pics(some of them) are on FFF and various Facebook groups.

    I will say I am glad I made the trek to Lawrenceville for the day, I am bummed that work prevented me from staying for the panels and I missed meeting David Gerrold(writer of arguably the BEST TOS episode). But the way forward is clearer than it was a year ago,the actors are ready to get the two 15 minute episodes done, so they can bring the story to the fans.


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