The interview is coming

December 10 2018

The wait is nearly over, the interview between Jonathan Lane and Matthew Miller will be coming out soon and it could be the most anticipated Axanar related interview of the year.

Hopefully this time nobody skips over the word ‘could’ and complains about it being billed as the most anticipated interview when it wasn’t billed as that.

Both Jonathan and Matthew have done a promo on the upcoming three part interview plus a report each and below is our review on the two.

Matthew’s promo is titled ‘Looking Ahead To The Axanar Debate‘ and it is short and sweet, he mentions that he doesn’t actively post but aside from that mention, it is all about the upcoming interview release as he informs readers when every part will be coming out etc.

He has basically let the 1 minute and 56 second video do the talking and it is an excellent promo to what is to come.

Jonathan’s is more detailed, his report is titled ‘Coming in 3 days: the BLOGGER BATTLE OF AXANAR‘ which sounds a lot different to ‘Looking Ahead To The Axanar Debate’.

He goes into how he doesn’t typically engage with detractors and yet in three days he is releasing the fruits of his chat with ‘noted detractor Matthew Miller’.

He then goes into how the interview came to be, how long it went for (3 hours) and other information such and then talked about the uniqueness that he and Matt interviewed each other which you don’t see every day as usually it is interview and answer.

He mentions Michael Hinman’s interview with Carlos Pedraza on Alpha Waves Radio as pay per view but he does not mention that you have to pay to listen to every show that Michael Hinman does live and secondly a free replay was aired (I heard it myself) shortly afterwards and then the next stage is free.

It is good that the Axanar Debate interview is free, more people get to hear it but it isn’t bad that Alpha Waves Radio is subscription based, a man or woman has to make a living or supplement it and there is no shame in doing so.

He also mentions an echo-chamber and while Carlos and Michael appear to be on the same wavelength of thought on some issues, it is no different to when Jonathan publishes interviews with Alec Peters about Axanar because Jonathan is privy to what is happening with Axanar.

He then talks about how the interview came about in great detail, mentions Matthew’s past regarding Axanar and then his recent dissatisfaction with Axamonitor, he also mentions a past Axamonitor member named Joe Diaz and his dissatisfaction with Axamonitor.

It then goes into detail about the editing process and how the decision was reached to split the interview into three parts.

Overall, the report will get people’s attention because they’ll want to know what comes next in the story.

Jonathan mentions it will be an interesting listen, it definitely will be interesting, the promo was created so well that people will be tempted to spend three hours of their lives over time listening to the rest.

Until next time, be good to each other.

PS – You can vote for either Jonathan or Matt on our ‘MTM’s Person of the Year’ poll.


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