Poll Update (11/12/18)

December 11 2018

Today the 100th vote was cast in our MTM Person of the Year poll, it is very nice to see as three figures is always better than two and a heck of a lot better than single figures.

It is good to see people are having fun, Carlos has gotten into the spirit of things by posting a very nice sales pitch to his readers complete with humourous emojis.

There were jokes cracked about Shawn having just five votes, he now has six votes and is just one behind Alec Peters who currently has seven votes.

Carlos is way ahead but that is understandable with his sales pitch which is perfectly fine because anybody can do that if they wish to do so.

Matt Miller has jumped up to fourth place whilst Sandy and Jonathan are currently sharing last place.

Thank you to all ‘The Tractors’ and Axanar supporters for voting so far, MTM hopes to see you again real soon (a week after you vote would be nice because you can).

Until next time, be good to each other.


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