Patreon or no Patreon?

January 5 2019

The word at The Real Truth About Axanar is that there is no Patreon account happening because they cannot have one and that is correct.

Alec said this after posting part of Shawn P. O’Halloran’s theory about Alec having no intention about making Axanar and that part mentioned having Patreon.

There is a twist to this and that is that Alec did not show the people on TRTAA an attached screenshot showing the Axanar Defender telling people on a YouTube comment that there was one coming, you can see that comment for yourself here.

The Axanar Defender has been seen commenting on Axanar’s plans in places like Robservations and has told people about Axanar’s plans or defending the production.

So here we have somebody who says that a Patreon account was being made and we have Alec saying they won’t have one because they cannot have one, so who is telling the truth?

1. Axanar Defender is trying to be important and is telling people the wrong information
2. Axanar Defender was telling the truth about Patreon and they had to change course

The other week on MTM there was a discussion on half-truths and half-stories, Jonathan must of spent a lot of time writing up his thoughts on reporting styles and parts of it has been used to improve MTM.

The YouTube comment tells an important part of the story, without it it appears that Shawn just pulled the theory out of thin air and projects the image that he is just making stuff up.

Would full disclosure of Shawn’s message would of changed anything at TRTAA? Maybe not but it may of prompted somebody to ask why was it said in the first place?

Until next time, be good to each other.


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