What is going on?

January 7 2019

This morning I woke up and saw a post saying Axanar was down, that was no biggie as subsequent messages said it was back online.

So then it was time to go down the street and sometime between leaving my home and arriving back at home (two and a half hours) things got crazy.

Attempted HACK of the Axanar YouTube Channel‘ says Fan Film Factor and the subsequent story told the story from Jonathan’s point of view. of what he was told and seen.

If a detractor hacked Axanar, they would be incredibly stupid because firstly it gives them zero credibility and secondly hacking can cost someone their freedom.

Ask yourselves this, what is there for Detractors etc to gain from hacking Axanar’s channel?

There wouldn’t be a stampede to join Axamonitor, no big celebration and if somebody boasted about hacking, nobody would congratulate them, it could have actually been a big win for Axanar.

Here’s the weird part, an hour before the blog entry, Jonathan was telling people to ‘please take a step back’ and ‘obviously YouTube made a mistake’.

Why did he change his tune an hour later?

It doesn’t make sense how you can ask for people to step back one hour and then imply that detractors were the prime suspect the next?

I would like to see Axanar completed but if I see something that doesn’t make sense, I question it because what are we supposed to do? Agree with every statement that comes out even if they contradict or contains exaggerations or just don’t make sense?

Below are some questions that I do have.

Why did OWC Studios change back to Ares Studios?
When did they change? (sometime after Axacon)
Is there going to be Patreon account for either Axanar or Ares Studios?
Why was it suggested there will be a Patreon account?
What exact amount of money is needed for Axanar to be complete?

Some detractors/critics believe that they are doing a service of ‘buyer beware’, there is nothing that suggests or implies that Alec cannot make a fan film or cannot spend his own money on a fan film.

Lastly, stay calm everyone, let’s see what happens over the next couple of hours or days and then handle it when it happens.

Until next time, be good to each other.

Update: Fan Film Factor has a new report which gives a timeline on events covering January 5 and 6, it is an interesting read and I advise readers to read it slowly to take it all in before giving an opinion.


4 thoughts on “What is going on?

  1. Apparently OWC is no longer funding the warehouse in Atlanta. I haven’t been able to find the comment where Peters supposedly said this though.


    1. Must of happened between Axacon in early November and Ares Studios reappearing in early December.

      There was word the sponsorship was a one year deal but the time between deal announcement and ending is over a year


    2. Alec said that OWC was only a 12 month deal, though he has been in the place for 18 months before this announcement.


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