The Axanar BTS video

January 8 2019

Just before the so-called ‘Hacking’ crisis that grabbed the attention of a lot of people who either like or dislike Axanar, there was a behind the scenes video released.

That’s right, RMB released a 20 minute video explaining the VFX behind a couple of Axanar scenes.

The scenes were shown as they were being developed from basic detail to the completed stage giving viewers great insight into the creative process.

The scenes show that Tobias Richter and his team are perhaps the greatest Star Trek VFX artists in the fan film world.

Some of the shots would of been really something if they were to be seen on 3D screens as the ships come right at you or the ships are right up close to the camera

If you don’t want to hear RMB talk through and show you how he and Tobias made the shots become what they are, skip to 16 minutes and 50 seconds to see the final product in all its glory.

As mentioned before, the script to the 90 minute version of Axanar needed muscles and it appears that when it comes to VFX, they had no shortage of those muscles.

There is the possibility that a lawsuit may be filed to stop the future release of material such as the BTS footage, hopefully something can be worked out to allow the footage to still be released and serve everyone well.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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