Thoughts on Axanar Production Log #6

January 6 2019

Axanar have recently released their sixth production log video

The thought process, the influences and the execution of Klingon costumers is all there in the 9 minute and 23 second video.

You will see costumes that were used in Star Trek VI, Star Trek Into Darkness, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise.

Viewers will also see the design process from sketches to the manufacturing of costumes, they made enough costume parts for a Klingon army back in the day.

If you’re looking for information right across Axanar like actor and actress announcements, set development, extra details etc this video is not for you but there is information on the character Mor’o.

Mor’o who appears in the script for Axanar when it was planned to be a 90 minute feature film has been retained for the two 15 minute parts/episodes.

He was a mentor to Kharn the Undying and would of played a role in the second half of the movie.

So there you have it, the video is basically a third history, a third explaining the process of costume development and a third new information.

Until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Axanar Production Log #6

      1. No one asked you to be. However, I’d think proof of Peters illegally transferring the title of his house to a shell company would be worth a mention on your monitor site.


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