Monitor Wrap (11/1/19)

January 11 2019

The mass of activity from earlier this week has slowed down.

The ‘hack’ story has dropped down the news cycle, it got people fired up for a day or two but it is now sliding off into the depths of past news.

There has been plenty of chatter in Axamonitor’s FB group about shell companies and Ares Studios, Ares Investments and a whole group of companies and who has what and what are they for.

I don’t know anything about the subject matter, it just looks like a bunch of documents that says there are a bunch of companies out there but to others who know about business and law etc, it tells a story that may or may not improve the future.

I am a little concerned that the deep probing of Alec’s life could either blow up in peoples faces or cause mental harm to Alec.

Critics can get off track by going after the man and not the ball (Axanar) by going on about hair plugs, reviews, clothing, fetishes and everything else.

Alec’s private life should be nothing to critics except if any of the above was obtained through the funds delivered by backers (they’re backers not donors) of Axanar then it is a public issue.

Don’t forget that the critics message is supposed to be buyer beware not ridicule a person’s life, if a person has done wrong then they do deserve the chance to come clean get and going again unless they’ve killed people or wiped out people’s life savings then there is no harm in not being so lenient.

On the other hand there really isn’t any place for people to say that critics have mental illnesses and delusions and any other charming descriptions.

Now we move along to today’s news and the only item is that Axanar’s Veteran patches have arrived.

Now they’ve got of patches in hand, they’ve just got to finish Ares Digital 3.0 and ship them off and tick the box that says mail patches.

Despite Ares Digital being version 3, remember the number three saved the Enterprise-D when the USS Bozeman decided to pay the 24th Century a permanent visit.

Until next time, be good to each other.



2 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (11/1/19)

  1. The story behind Ares Investments is that it was a shell company formed around the same time as Alec started to go after Hero Prop (who is suing Alec for defamation in the Las Vegas courts) and Robert Meyer Bernett. He did this and has Ares Studios (formerly OWC Studios) as it’s owner, not himself. The reason for this is if the loses the lawsuits and has to pay out, they can’t touch the studio and it will be pretty much business as usual for Alec, if it is not named on the lawsuit.

    With the residential property, he did a sale of the property for $0 to Ares Investments, 2 weeks after the lawsuit by
    Hero Prop. Which does have some legal implications to the lawsuit.


  2. How Peters conducts his business, especially any illegal activity, is directly related to his failure to produce Axanar. It’s also directly related to wether or not anyone should give him more money. Is he trustworthy? A man of good character? Not at all. He’s already been involved in two lawsuits and has already filed one bankruptcy to avoid paying legal damages. He’s now involved in two more lawsuits (assuming he actually files the suit against RMB) and has taken steps to avoid financial ruin if he loses.

    This is all directly related to Axanar.

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