No more crickets

January 13 2019

‘I’m going back to bed’ was my first thought this morning and I will tell you why.

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and so I paid my usual morning visits to all the Axa places to see what’s happening expecting nothing as Alec and Jonathan have been pretty quiet.

Pretty quiet is an understatement, RMB told and then shown the world plenty about Axanar but it was met by the sound of crickets from Alec Peters and Jonathan Lane.

Speaking of cricket, the One Day International (ODI) Cricket match between Australia and India was a good one with Australia winning after losing the test match series (a test is up to five days with both teams potentially batting twice) to India 2-1.

Back to looking around.

So despite the quietness, it was only a matter of time before there would be a reaction to all the toe stomping and today it happened.

AXANAR detractor/stalker crosses the line…….again‘ is the latest headline from Fan Film Factor and of course that was posted on Axanar and The Real Truth About Axanar and screenshot copies reached Axamonitor.

Yep they had enough of their toes being stomped on and now they were swinging for the fences.

It is a response to this post and a series of documents that was on Axamonitor the other day.

Jonathan had Alec’s permission to speak about the topic so now is a good opportunity for people to take a look at Axamonitor’s posts and Jonathan’s post and decide who is right.

Chances are nobody will take the opportunity, Axanar supporters are probably sold by the first paragraph of Jonathan’s story and Axamonitor supporters are fairly confident in what they’ve got.

My stance is that the legal debate should not be touched and I will let the legal eagles do their thing and they can decide what is right and what is wrong.

The outcomes of the cases may be more valuable to people than the build up of the cases, nobody should risk accidentally making a blunder and ruin the cases for any party involved.

There is some good news and that is that Jonathan may get another $1.38 or so from his post, no shame in making some coin, he’ll probably get more because Axanar picked it up and it has been shared a couple dozen times.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “No more crickets

  1. Actually, Saturday’s blog (Sunday for you, I guess) hit over 4,000 views in one day. Seriously! I took in an amazing $5.08! So I might as well share the news here first: I’ve decided to blog about Axanar detractors EVERY DAY from now on! Screw all of the other fan filmmakers—they can interview themselves! I’m going all Axanar all the time!!! By September, I’ll be rich enough to buy an island! 🙂


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