Don’t know what to put here

January 13 2019

Jonathan has written a follow up piece to the piece that got everyone visiting his page and rewarding him with $5.08 in the process.

It actually pays more to write about Axanar than what a starting musician would get in royalties, now I can hear ABBA in my head (Money, Money, Money).

To save you some time, the new piece basically says that Shawn is a stalker, Jonathan apologizes for the incorrect information he posted and he still states that Shawn is a moron.

However, if you feel the need, the need to read then visit the piece to drop a ruble in the slot (Skyhooks song ‘Jukebox in Siberia‘) to help Jonathan buy the island he has joked about on MTM.

Speaking of islands, I have the compulsion to listen to ‘Islands in the Stream‘ though I really like the Bee Gees version of it more, any Bee Gees fan should watch ‘One Night Only’ regularly.

The list of names people call each other will be updated as I am sure stalker and precious are not on the list of names.

I wonder what I will find tomorrow morning in the Axanar world? Maybe I’ll skip tomorrow.

Until next time, be good to each other.

PS – To paraphrase Quark, ‘Site visits are as rare as latinum, treasure them’.


4 thoughts on “Don’t know what to put here

  1. Don’t skip tomorrow, T. I’ve got multiple interviews on the final fate of the TOS sets formerly know as Starbase Studios.


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