Picking up the pieces

February 17 2019

I have tried a couple of times over the last couple of days to write something but nothing comes up to my satisfaction.

Sometimes the whole fan production world can be very depressing,the last couple of days on Axamonitor, Axanar, The Real Truth About Axanar, Fan Film Factor and Fan Film Forum have been depressing.

The fighting and the name calling makes nobody looks like a bunch of champions at the moment.

Some good points have been stated but they end up getting washed overboard by the tone of messages or the name calling and people focus on the behaviour and not the message.

It is kind of like Kyle Busch and Ron Hornaday in the NASCAR Truck Series and you could put either group as the #18 and they charge down the other and put both in wall.

Time to time a point will slip through to people and it will be discussed but then it would fade away before a conclusion is reached, one example was the discussion about the house and the LLC, an answer was never given to the query.

After all is said and done, perhaps nobody has ended up moving forward a single inch and we’re all right where we started before the ‘hacking’, ‘stalking’ and everything else.

Now to the news.

Axamonitor’s critic count passed the magic number of 64, it is currently up to 72 after the group started conducting a headcount to counter the long spoken about claim that Axamonitor only has 65 people.

Axamonitor’s FB group has had over 28 days a traffic increase of 329% when it comes to posts, comments and reactions, they’ve also had 95 contributors.

Alec, RMB and the Axanar Defender/Stoggy had a discussion yesterday and it looks like next week is when the red carpet is rolled out for lawyers.

Jonathan is back to writing about fan films, which is good for us and bad for him because it means his island buying hopes have shrunk.

Matt Miller has established a Patreon account for Trekzone, Trekzone looks like it will have a good 2019 complete with site redesign.

Axanar released an new production update video and it is the beginning of more to come by the sounds of it, the video runs for just over 10 minutes and they’re still working on the bridge and Ares Digital 3.0.

They’ve also passed 70,000 subscribers on YouTube.

I believe that Axanar is moving forward and it will be completed someday and somehow but I feel at the moment they are behind in terms of where they were up to in readiness before the lawsuit taken place.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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