Axanar Confidential #3

February 5 2019

Jonathan appeared with Alec on ‘Axanar Confidential’ and the two of them talked about a couple of people and a couple of things.

The show was a mix of talking about ‘detractors’ in particular mentioning Matt Miller, Carlos Pedraza and Shawn P. O’Halloran as well as talking about other subjects which is below.

I am kinda disappointed that Jonathan didn’t mention me after all we’ve been through together in the comments section of MTM, maybe he’ll mention me on FFF instead ;).

That reminds me, if Jonathan is reading this then I have answered his question and would appreciate a response back.

Prelude to Axanar was a topic, other Fan Films was a topic, Jonathan’s work was a topic, how close Alec and Jonathan are is a topic, they do not always agree but they are friends, Jonathan also talked about his thoughts on Fan Film reporting.

Some former Axanar workers (Christian Gossett, Robert Meyer Burnett and Terry McIntosh for example) may be unimpressed with Alec had said about them, it will be interesting to see if they respond to Alec’s beliefs.

The show wasn’t entirely pleasant viewing, it was at times very rude and the rudeness was really not needed, we don’t need to know that a former co-worker of Alec’s was considered ‘smoking hot’, we don’t need Stoggy to tell Carlos to ‘eat a dick’ and so on and so forth.

I know it is hard for both sides to not use nasty names but do give it a try, things have to be better instead of trying to out limbo each other.

Overall, I didn’t really learn anything new throughout the show though Jonathan is consistent in his employment and possible employment recollection as it was identical to his written words and also spoken words.

I would of loved to have heard confirmation that OWC sponsored Ares Studios for either 12 or 18 months after the two Patreon videos gave different statements and also a confirmed number of months that Alec has paid for Ares Studios himself out of the 4, 5 and 6 month figures viewers heard recently in the one video show as it is also tied to the OWC question.

Lastly, I’m on Twitter as @MTMTweeting in case anybody gets bored and wants to tweet to me about something, the account is one from 2009 used for other stuff that I used to have incase anybody is wondering.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Axanar Confidential #3

  1. Howdy!

    I just wanted to make clear for the record that in all my writing about Axanar, Alec Peters and Jonathan Lane, I have never addressed them with anything like the crass language or behavior as you saw on display from those gentlemen tonight on Axanar Confidential.

    I’m concerned that in your noble effort to be even-handed you’ve created a sense of false equivalence about “both sides” using terrible language to refer to one another. My website,, does nothing that approaches the ad hominem attacks that are regular features of both Mr. Peters and Mr. Lane’s websites, YouTube videos or other public pronouncements.

    Thank you,


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