The Do’s and the Don’ts

June 9 2019

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of the Axanar world.

The Do’s 

Remember that and Axamonitor FB group are not the same.

Always state facts, include as many sources as possible because sources provide proof of your argument.

Always take your time when writing blogs or comments.

Remember that Fan Film Factor writes positively about all fan films.

Watch and/or read carefully all blogs or YouTube videos of the subject, you might find a contradiction or you will find the complete story by combining details from multiple stories and comments.

Be Polite, it doesn’t cost you anything.

If you hear or see a contradiction, note the article name or the video name and the time of the contradiction, this sets up proof.

If something does not sound right to you, question it.

If somebody asks you a question, say you’re happy to answer the question and answer it nicely and truthfully, they may or may not accept the answer but people will see that you are receptive and have nothing to hide.

The Don’ts

Do not name call, it doesn’t help.

Families are off limits, don’t even try.

Don’t accept that everything you will see is true before reading what you are going to read.

Do not search for the home addresses of members of groups.

Do not rush when writing your blogs or comments, being the first one out with news does not always equal being the first with accuracy.

Do not make mistakes when making an argument, somebody will make gains from them if they catch you out.

Do not boast about life achievements, there is no one definition on what a life achievement is so what is worth a lot to somebody may be worthless to another.

Don’t insult somebody when they make an argument and you offer them no counter facts, it does not make you look right.

Do not forget that if you make a contradiction on internet radio or a video on YouTube, it can be downloaded, edited to run the length of the contradiction and uploaded to the masses and you cannot get out of that hole.

Do not give up if a question you’ve been asking is not answered, you might inspire others to ask the same question in order to get an answer.

Do not forget that there is a chance that any private conversation or exchange of emails you have with somebody who disagrees with you may be saved as screenshots and posted online.

Don’t be rude if somebody asks you a question, it doesn’t give you a great look and you may appear to be avoiding the question if you choose to dismiss them.

Don’t post something online that you will regret later, chances are that somebody will make a copy of it and post it elsewhere.

When in a court case against somebody DON’T talk about anything relating to them or their work.


3 thoughts on “The Do’s and the Don’ts

  1. Going to partially disagree regarding the aspect of looking up business addresses. If the point of looking up a business address is to harass someone at their job, then certainly, that’s doxxing, it goes in the ‘don’t’ column.

    But if the business venture is part of the story, then the address and information regarding that venue is part of the ‘make sure you have facts’ side of things. (Since an issue that has been cropping up for a few years now revolves around the plan to monetize a fan film studio and make it a for-profit venture, business information about THAT studio looks like relevant stuff…)

    There was an issue some years back where an address related to the Axanar Studio was posted in an article, and it turned out to be a private residence of Alec Peters’ friend or relative or somesuch, so he jumped to the conclusion he was being ‘doxxed’, but this wasn’t intentional malice, and instead was caused by Alec’ s poor bookkeeping skills or his commingling of funds or whatever. The person who posted the address did apologize, and explained that it was listed as a business address, and he was not aiming to ‘dox’ a woman or her children.

    So, generally, good rules, but it is important to avoid some kind of moral absolutism on such matters.


    1. People of course got to know where say Ares Studios is because businesses are largely public otherwise they can’t get business but people don’t need to know where I live or you live etc.

      The rules are more common sense observations or conclusions based on past activity than moral absolutism.


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