The bizarre week so far

February 28 2019

The last couple of days have been some of the most bizarre I have ever seen over the last six months or so.

For somebody who just likes their Star Trek and doesn’t care about Mary Sue’s and the million and one buzzwords to pick it apart, I was astounded to see the amount of channels there are discussing Discovery both pro and con and boy do they rake in some serious moolah.

It seems you can rave and scream and rant either for or against Discovery and you could rake in a hundred dollars or so in an hour, you could theoretically rake in enough money doing 8 hours of broadcasts to match a 38 hour week income at least in Australia.

As mentioned a couple of days ago, Alec contacted MechaRandom42 to ask if she supports Vic Mignogna and that’s when everything hit the fan.

Basically the sequence of events is the following

Alec contacts MechaRandom42 on FB to ask if she supports Vic
MechaRandom42 makes video 1 unhappy with what happened on FB
Fighting erupts on Twitter
MechaRandom42 does a live show with new and controversial thoughts
Live show gets music copyright notices after finishing
MechaRandom42 asks for advice on what to do on Twitter
Live Show is deleted based on the advice
Reel Trek #8 is broadcasted in response to MechaRandom42 live show
Reel Trek #8 is deleted around an hour or two later
Reel Trek #8 was salvaged by a viewer
MechaRandom42 moves on from fighting with Alec
Reel Trek #8 was uploaded elsewhere

Reel Trek #8 ran for 30 minutes and that was in response to MechaRandom42’s live show, apparently she was very personal and rude in her show and that was what brought on the response.

Unfortunately as the MechaRandom42 live show is deleted, none of us can watch it or go through the transcript to find out if what Alec said is true though she definitely did talk about him on the show.

There are now videos out there on the subject, there is of course twitter discussions going on and The ACTUAL Truth about Axanar and Axamonitor has had Alec Peters answer people on various subjects etc.

The events above hasn’t done a whole lot of damage for Axanar or Ares Studios, Axanar is down just 21 subscribers after being 35 down at one stage and it is continuing to fall as this is being written.

Ares Studios Patreon has been a little erratic in flight but the losses aren’t bad, they originally lost $5, got $7 back to reach $1,800 and then lost $23 to be at $1,777 before getting $8 back to be just $16 off getting back to $1,800 a month.

This whole situation should burn out really soon, MechaRandom42 doesn’t seem interested in carrying it on and when one side stops the other usually can’t be bothered to carry on either because carrying on will be getting them angry.

Then again there is every chance it will flare up again if somebody asks about it etc.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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