The Bizarre Week Ends

March 3 2019

Sunday is here at last and last week was definitely a bizarre week.

Raking in Money

I watched Reel Trek #8 (#9) yesterday and I was fascinated by how much money was changing hands, one fan would give $50 then another will match it then $100 was donated by the first fan and then that $100 was matched and suddenly Axanar had $300 in their pockets and they probably ended up with $350-400 at the end.

As I said the other day, you could do some eight hours of shows in a week and potentially match a weekly income, it is astounding yet fascinating.

Axanar Progress

Looks like a new patch is coming, some new ideas are also forming and storyboards are being drawn up as was mentioned in the most recent episode of Axanar Confidential.

After the Ares Studios Patreon campaign dropped to $1,711 from a peak of $1,800, it has made some gains to currently sit at $1,736.

Patreon and YouTube reportedly bring in around $3000 a month leaving Alec to pay $1,000 a month if there are shows like yesterday then it is possible that that $1,000 gap is smaller.

There is no doubt that Super Chats on YouTube is key to keeping the gap between Patreon/YouTube revenue and $4,000 small.

I don’t think the Patreon loss has anything to do with the fighting in the last week but people are just not interested in paying next month and so on and so forth.

Staying or Going?

If Alec is making up the difference between what Ares Studios makes on Patreon and YouTube then it sounds like they are staying where they are despite saying on January 31 they were set to move.

The amusing thing is that despite Axanar Confidential and Reel Trek opening with the Ares Studios credit, it is at least first run on the Axanar channel.

Peace and Quiet at Last

MechaRandom42 has stopped fighting with Alec so there is peace in the valley, it is probably a good thing she didn’t tune to Reel Trek #8 (#9) from the 30 minute mark because things may of flared back up.

With the above that makes it two shots at each other each on YouTube, a fair outcome with both sides deleting one video each.

People are now advised that if you want Alec to stop arguing with you, just tell him you don’t want to argue and he will leave you alone.

It is difficult when somebody argues with you, if you don’t engage in arguing with them then they could claim that they were right and you had nothing to offer.

But if you do engage with them, it can get stressful, potentially hurtful and it is time consuming.


One thing I have learnt at ‘The ACTUAL Truth About Axanar and Axamonitor‘ is that misunderstandings can have serious consequences.

A person can easily misunderstand a message from somewhere and retell that message with their incorrect interpretation which can be picked up and spread around further as truth.

One of the biggest worries is that if somebody misunderstands something, they can take their interpretation to somewhere else, voice it and nobody would be willing or able to correct that information.

If you’re unsure what something means, ask somebody before you post information.

Conclusion on Trek

After reading about Midnight’s Edge and MechaRandom42 and all the rest, I have come to one basic conclusion.

If you like Star Trek (TOS), watch it.
If you like The Next Generation, watch it.
If you like Deep Space Nine, watch it.
If you like Voyager, watch it.
If you like Enterprise, watch it.
If you like Discovery, watch it.
If you like the movies, watch them.
If you don’t like a series or a movie etc, don’t watch them.
Respect what fellow fans watch or don’t watch, it is their choice.

Here’s to a nice and quiet week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “The Bizarre Week Ends

  1. Much agreed on watching (or reading) science fiction that you enjoy! Why on earth (or elsewhere) would you spend a significant amount of time with a show/story that you think is awful??


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