Home Run?

March 5 2019

Are Studios Patreon is not even halfway to the goal of $4,000 a month but it may not have to get there to solidify the future of Ares Studios.

The last couple of Reel Trek’s and Axanar Confidential’s have seen ‘Super Chats’ totals reach $300 or more per show and if there is four Reel Trek’s and four Axanar Confidentials a month and they continue to get $300 per show then that is $2,400.

Ares Studios currently gets $1,774 on Patreon and so if you put $1,774 with $2,400 that is $4,174 per month and either Ares Studios stays put or they move.

If they move the studio location that means that they will be to the good somewhere in the four figures because the rent in location B is reportedly half as expensive as location A.

The $300 target could drop as low as $100 per show which would bring home $2574 per month.

Right now the current $4,000 location theory has them to be $174 in the good if March continues the way it is going.

Three things have to happen to make all the above true

1. Super Chat totals must remain at a minimum of $300 per show and Alec has to do eight shows per month.
2. Ares Studio Patreon must remain above $1600
3. Income from YouTube views makes up any shortfalls and covers fees

When the studio future is secured, they still got the mountain to climb of raising between $150,000 and $250,000 to make Axanar but that’s another story for another time.

Until next time, be good to each other.


12 thoughts on “Home Run?

  1. You know, if folks wanna donate to someone that’s actually making stuff and not (just) yelling at clouds, check out Trekzone on Patreon 😜

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    1. It would be interesting to know how close to the $4000 they are but if after fees they get $2400 from Super Chats and $1600 from Patreon then they’ve got it made.


      1. Also take into consideration, fan films can’t be monetized. With Prelude and the Vulcan scene take up 80% of the channel’s views and are not playing adds. So it is up in the air if what Alec says is true.

        On the side note he did take a hit on the viewing numbers after the MechaRandom42 drama went down and won’t get the turn over from adds too.


      2. The short behind the scenes and Axanar VFX videos are probably going to take care of any major shortfall in video income.

        The generosity of fans will determine how good to bad things are going to get.


  2. If anybody can raise $200K for a fan film these days, I’ll be so impressed that I myself will send them a contribution. For goodness sake, no Trek fan film of which I’m aware has gotten anywhere close to the Guidelines’ limit of $50K in recent memory.


    1. Don’t forget one important fact, none of the other fan productions have fans who dislike CBS so much that they want CBS to be embarrassed by Axanar achieving milestones and then completion.


      1. A fascinating point. If the Axanar fans are so irritated at DSC that they come up with 200 grand in retaliation and then give that amount to Mr Peters, I’ll simply have to admit that I was wrong and I’ll send them a few dollars in respect. I wonder if anyone outside of the handful of we Trek fan film buffs would know or care if the 2 Axanar shorts are ever made. I suspect CBS will be busy with several Trek shows for their Access venture.


      2. It’s hard to know what is going to happen, it does depend on how effective the message pass along about Ares Digital 3.0 goes.

        One complication is that while Alec doesn’t like a lot about Discovery, he doesn’t hate it with a passion and that might keep the hate Discovery with a passion crowd away.


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