It’s all happening here at the…..

March 7 2019

The Ares Studios Patreon campaign has now completely recovered from the MechaRandom42 vs Alec Peters clash as well as the end of the month drop off in patrons.

The total now sits at $1,815 from 199 patrons and is now over $100 ahead of its lowest point of $1,711.

Ares Studios and Axanar need post fees totals of $2,400 per month in Superchats and $1600 from Patreon to hit their $4000 mark each and every month, of course as the Patreon total rises, the required Superchat total falls to smaller numbers.

Using Jonathan Lane’s belief (see video below) of Ares Studios patrons  = Loss of erections for ‘detractors’, the above is summed up as ‘detractors’ got some erections back at the start of the month only to lose them and then some more later on.

Axanar have released a new update and it being talked about quite a bit, Fan Film Factor reports the video has had 4,000 views in 15 hours and the video has over 50 comments on it.

AxaMonitor’s Facebook page is currently discussing the update, one question is how is the movie being storyboarded when the story is undergoing adjustments and there is no budget?

As readers now there is a bit of bickering going on between Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett (RMB) that may or may not go down the road to the court system, Axamonitor’s FB page has documents on that issue.

Jonathan Lane had conducted an experiment over the last couple of weeks at The Real Truth About Axanar which involved writing about Carlos Pedraza, the posts had people wondering why he was writing there instead of Fan Film Factor where he’d have a bigger audience and grab some site income.

Jonathan has now declared that the experiment has come to an end and people seem reasonably happy that it is over.

One part that got my attention was “Axanar supporters are actually better people than the detractors”, this is not true because Axanar supporters can match it with ‘Detractors’ when they are behaving badly and below is some proof and I suggest all should be checked out.

1. The video shown earlier about losing erections
2. Saying that Detractors are ‘Inherently Dicks
3. Alec saying that ‘Your life is so pathetic
4. Allegations against Vic Mignogna is karma for his issues with Axanar
5. Allegations against Les Moonves is karma for the Axanar lawsuit

No ‘side’ can claim superiority on behaviour when it comes to Axanar, there will always be memes, there will always be descriptions of people being morons, losers, knuckleheads etc and there will always be descriptions of people like ‘LittlePeters and Cryssstalmeth’.

It will probably never come to an end despite daily attempts by people to settle things down, the whole Axanar issue shouldn’t come down to names but instead come down to facts, if somebody has to use names to make a point, they may as well not have one.

If somebody has a different opinion, respect it.
Don’t be afraid to listen or read that different opinion.
If you can’t come to an agreement, leave it alone.
Never resort to name calling to get your point across.
Always use facts in all your arguments, emotion does nothing.

Yep it’s all happening here at the Axanar Universe, the score is 2 for 22 (Australians and the English may get that paraphrase).

Until next time, be good to each other.


7 thoughts on “It’s all happening here at the…..

  1. “one question is how is the movie being storyboarded when the story is undergoing adjustments and there is no budget?”

    Really? You aren’t aware that storyboards are often used to help determine final budgets? And stories/scripts often undergo changes until just before filming…and sometimes even DURING filming…and sometimes even AFTER filming.

    A good example of this is the ill-fated “rock creatures” that Shatner wanted at the end of Star Trek V. His storyboards called for hundreds of the creatures, then dozens, then ten, and finally one. That was due to budget shrinkage, which happened AFTER the storyboards were done. And of course, the script and story had to be adjusted during both production AND post production because the rock monster ended up looking more ridiculous than menacing, and Shatner had to ditch the entire sequence of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy running from the creature as it tore apart the shuttlecraft.

    Did that help answer your question, Mr. T?

    Oh, and a quick update: in the 12 hours since I reported that the views on the latest Axanar Production update were at 4,000, they’ve now more than doubled to 9,232. Let’s take a quick look at Carlos’ video of my “erection” comment…hmmmm, 25 (one of which is me).

    Numbers sure don’t lie! 🙂


    1. “Numbers sure don’t lie!”

      5 years since Prelude.

      1 Vulcan scene

      $1.4mil plus wasted on a ‘end game studio’ warehouse

      2 Lawsuits

      3 Directors

      3rd change of address for the warehouse coming up in May

      and still 0 Axanar film.


  2. You say that storyboards help determine the final budget, yet your example talks about budget constriction. They’re not the same thing.

    And as far as whoppers go, Alec is still toing and froing about filming on the bridge (currently toing) which is a pretty large scene to storyboard.

    So you’re telling me that they’re going to storyboard all of that then Alec will decide if they do it? Boy, talk about a waste of time.

    Oh wait – this is to show us ‘detractors’ up right? And then show what could’ve been when, had those inscrutable detractors not interfered.

    30 days out…


  3. I’ve decided to switch from using the term “detractors” to calling you folks a “third grade field trip,” Matt. Size-wise, it’s more accurate. 🙂


    1. I suppose your condescending, belittling and demeaning attitude is best summed up as a third grader unable to express themselves in a meaningful way.

      You’re right. You are a third grader.


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