Monitor Wrap (9/3/19)

March 9 2019

My last report ‘It’s all happening here at….‘ got some conversation happening which is always good because people should talk all the time even if it is in text.

Those who followed the conversation have learned two things.

1. Detractors are now called ‘Third Grade Field Trip’.
2. Numbers don’t lie

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan returns to answer the replies to his comments.

Numbers are important in the Axanar world, from blog numbers to YouTube subscribers you’re bound to hear or read somebody crowing about numbers.

Axanar can feel pretty good about getting 77,000 subscribers, having anywhere from 70 to 220 people watching Axanar Confidential or Reel Trek at the one time and receiving amounts around $300 in Super Chats.

The downside of that is that Axanar will always be reminded of how much they’ve spent, how much they need, how many directors they’ve had, how many versions of Ares Digital they’ve had and how many studio locations they’ve occupied or may occupy in the future etc.

Axanar’s latest update is up to 11,000 views and it has appeared to have slowed down after it charged its way to 10,000 views in a short period of time and the comment total is at 77.

Ares Studios Patreon campaign has passed 200 patrons, the money total sits on $1,844 from 202 patrons.

If Axanar Confidential and Reel Trek both get $300 per episode and hit $2400 per month after fees and Patreon is over $1600 after fees then they will hit their $4000 total.

The Vic Mignogna situation had popped up again, there was a new video about Alec vs Vic by ThatUmbrellaGuy and some people have unsubscribed from Axanar’s YouTube channel in response but there has been no damage in terms of subscribers.

There were a few comments expressing dissatisfaction with Axanar on their update video but they have disappeared, it is unknown whether Axanar deleted them or the writers themselves did.

The ACTUAL Truth About Axanar and AxaMonitor‘ is continuing to do well, the language barrier has caused some small issues and there has been talk about archiving the group but hopefully it remains open.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has a new poll, talks about Patreon, the issue between Alec Peters and RMB and much more.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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