Monitor Wrap (30/3/19)

March 30 2019

There’s not much going on at the moment in the Axanar world and that is not a bad thing.

Ares Studios Patreon campaign is sitting on $1,919 per month, Stoggy is $1,285 away from getting a computer and Reel Trek aired earlier today with Super Chat donations coming in around the three figure mark.

Around 20 people are currently working on Axanar at this current time according to Alec.

According to Social Blade, Axanar lost 198,593 views from their videos with the channel peaking at 6,434,685 views and they are now sitting at 6,297,695 views, a difference of 136,990 at this present time.

Either videos worth 198,593 views were removed or 198,593 views from assorted videos were deducted.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has been pretty quiet over the last week with the majority of talk being about locked scripts and Indiegogo and Ares Digital 3.0 details.

The REAL Truth About Axanar has been almost completely quiet aside from a link to Reel Trek.

Trekzone has been increasing their output of podcasts, their latest podcast featured Gary O’Brien, the creator of the fan film ‘The Holy Core’.

So that’s just a bit of what is going on out there in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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