The latest on Axanar

April 4 2019

All is fairly quiet in the Axanar world this week.

Axanar Confidential #11 aired earlier in the week and while the show was under an hour, it actually tells people things they need to know and below are some of the points that had come from it.

– Old plexi is planned on being sold to pay the bill of the new Plexi
-The old plexi had too much glare
– The Axanar shorts ending has been changed
– The change is considered to be minor
– Garth gets the last line of the shorts
– Old ending was considered a little neutral
– New ending is considered very very positive
– The shorts are being storyboarded
– Everyone is a volunteer
– Axanar shorts may not be released this year
– They made around $100 in Super Chats (before YouTube’s 30% cut)

For those wondering about the Axanar may not be released this year, Alec said at the 47 minute mark the following

“it may not get 
done this year it may be next year but it’s gonna get done”.

Post Axanar there is going to be a Star Trek project that is not a fan film, that will no doubt get people’s attention.

Alec also talks about professionals and talks about two former Axanar crew without naming them and says ‘they haven’t done anything’.

If he is referring to Christian Gossett and Robert Meyer Burnett, both have worked after Prelude to Axanar.

Christian is the Art Director and Associate Producer of ‘Miles Underwater’ and Robert is the editor of the short ‘Sky Fighter’ and both productions are currently in post production.

Both Christian and Robert have worked on productions between Prelude to Axanar and their respective work on ‘Mules Underwater’ and ‘Sky Fighter’.

The above contradicts Alec who says “you look at their IMDb’s there’s nothing in the past five years since they left”, the information above came from IMDb.

Alec also talks about CBS and how things got bad between Axanar and CBS. (watch from about 47 minutes).

Ares Studios Patreon campaign had a fall over the start of the month but it has recovered almost every dollar lost, they went from around $1930 to the low $1800’s range but have now recovered to be at $1,913 from 210 patrons (peaked at 215).

Stoggy’s efforts to raise enough money to buy a computer is up to $240 leaving $1260 remaining.

That’s our summary on Axanar Confidential 11 and associated items for today, Axanar Confidential #11 can be viewed below.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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