Monitor Wrap (8/3/19)

April 8 2019

Ares Studios Patreon Campaign has regained all of its April 1 losses and sits at $1,933 per month from 214 patrons.

Those who have joined the ‘De Medici’ tier on Patreon and have stayed there for two months and have received two patches.

Visitors to Axanar’s YouTube Channel may have noticed that are a couple of videos missing.

Reel Trek episodes #1 to #8 and Axanar Confidential #1 to #9 are no longer visible, they may be hidden or they have been deleted, Nerdcasters is also not there.

In the comments section of Axanar Confidential #11, there was a discussion on the status of production and Stoggy replied with the following

“Filming scheduling is more tied to covering the Union rates to work in Cali and the actors personal schedules. Everyone still has a day job well except me because I am disabled but we don’t have tens of millions of dollars to contractually buy peoples time like a large studio.”

Some wonder if Stoggy and Alec are on the same page when it comes to giving out information as the above reason could be something new to people. has been quiet as Carlos is out and about and the FB group has a bit of activity but it hasn’t been a roaring trade though the Ares Studios building is apparently still available to occupy.

The REAL Truth About Axanar is quiet as a tomb at this present moment with nothing posted in the last week.

The ACTUAL Truth About Axanar and Axamonitor has possibly been the busiest of groups or pages as they continue to converse about a whole lot of things,

Axanar has had one post in support of a fan film but have otherwise been quiet since March 30.

That’s all that’s been happening as this old monitor sails on through the waters of the Axanar universe.

Until next time, be good to each other.

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